Friday, November 15, 2019

Whistling in the Dark

The Blogs are just about dead. So few of us remain, that we have been sidelined.

The other social media - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, et al - have used their platforms to silence opposition. When I have, in the past, stated something quite unarguable - such as the FACT that Hunter Biden, completely unqualified for any position of responsibility, has managed to COINCIDENTALLY work for companies that have interests with entities who would benefit from his father's help - those who hear it are completely dismissive of it.

They wave their hands, saying "conspiracy theory" and "alt-right" and "where did you hear THAT?".

They aren't, in one sense, dismissing what I say. They honestly have NEVER heard about those issues and controversies.

Their sheltered world of social media, televised news, and personal associates keep such 'ridiculous' ideas away from them, more effectively than garlic keeps away vampires.

They aren't being mean when they ignore what we say or write. They think of themselves as being kind - you know, like when you politely listen to the garbled thinking of the Alzheimer's patient.

They really do think we're not that bright. We're not just uninformed, we're deluded by those oogity-boogity Fascists that lurk around every non-approved corner.

They are that far into The Matrix.


Francis W. Porretto said...

Yes, the Blogosphere has depopulated quite a bit. But it's still there -- and nothing prevents someone who'd like to control his own outlet from starting one. Perhaps we'll see a renaissance of blogging as people become ever more disenchanted with Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

JWM said...

Although I'm here in the pit of So Cal I lead an odd existence in that I have no TV, no radio, no newspaper. I stay isolated from the media sewage, as best I can. But that leaves me unprepared when I encounter just how thick and deep the sludge of propaganda really is. The other day I went to get a haircut. While waiting for a chair I had a choice of Celebrity Magazine type trash to read, or nothing at all. I opted for nothing. But the radio was on, and on loud enough that even I could hear it. The jingle-pop that passes for music is just awful. I could not discern anything like a melody in any of it. What floored me though was something I heard on a commercial break. The perky up-talking voice over couple was extolling the wonders of some new site, or app for the smartphone: "We have tips on dating. Where to find the coolest entertainment spots, space-age solutions to climate change!" And there it was. Of course. Except for dating and entertainment the most important thing you are expected to worry about is solving climate change. It was so subtly done that it creeped me out. This pernicious crap is inserted into everything. But this is our media. It is 24/7 lies and progressive agenda. I pity the milli's. They are so immersed in it, so saturated with the poz they can't see it at all. They're going to have a hard reckoning with Truth one day.
Oh- Love the switch to the tan background. White on black makes my eyes buzz. This is much easier to read.


Pascal said...

I know too well of which you speak Linda. I find it especially frustrating when hearing fake news from extended family. They dismissed my blog and any links to reality in the past and as far as I know haven't read it or any other links I send them this decade.

But I keep trying. Especially since the misanthropes are more openly active nowadays it is harder to dismiss the warnings of their deadly goals as those of a crank. Fran and I are no longer in a minuscule minority there, though that is not in any way a comfort in light of the increased ways to carry out the threat and the seemingly vast acquiescence.

One way to look at a possible reward for keeping on trying Linda, is to ask how in Heaven would even God help you were you to stop speaking out about the injustices you see? Now that it is even more dangerous to speak out, in spite of the 1st Amendment, these are times to have faith that at least God will look favorably upon you. May God bless you.

Linda Fox said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys. It does help.

Also, I agree - the tan background is MUCH easier to read.

Sam L. said...

I really APPRECIATE the black print on tan background. SO much easier to read!

Tracy Coyle said...

To Linda's comment: I was out with my friend on Wednesday and we were looking for something to eat and there was a Chick-fil-A and she said "Ew, no, hate burgers." I questioned her comment and she said "The won't hire gays." I was stunned. "Where did you get that?" "News" "Ah, they hire gays, have no issue with gays, CAN'T discriminate against gays in almost all places in the States." "Really?" "Ah, yea, duh. I've seen stories about gays working at Chick-fil-A saying it was a GREAT place to work."

Ignorance on the Left (and to be honest often on the Right) seems to be a current culture thing...

And to Francis' point on blogs: I read 27 blogs a day. Some, like Instapundit, direct me to stories with minimal commentary. Others, like here, are focused on the commentary about the issues rather than the story itself. Or about life in general. It takes me 3-4 hours a day to keep up. And I comment in many of those places, and on Facebook. I gave up Twitter a couple years ago after being an early adopter.

I'll follow blogs (and this one has only been on my roll for about....a year?) till they die off completely. But since newspapers are still around, I don't expect to happen any time soon.

glasslass said...

I found blogs back when Pioneer woman first appeared as hubby sent it to me for the recipe. Kept branching from there. Always check what the writers are reading. Don't comment a lot but we are here. I read at least 5/7 every day and have abut 30 listed. But some are pretty sparse in posting and some are just not my cup of tea. Opened one from the bottom of the pile and he hadn't posted since Jan of 2017. Sometimes you never know why and some will post that they are ending the blog. But we are here and I don't think we'll be going away. The problem appears that because the dem's are SO vocal and we polite people don't want to start an argument whether it's family, friends or even strangers. It has empowered the left to run amuck. Belong to a bridge club and 4 are rep's and 3 dem's and one just doesn't say a word. But we can't talk about any of the issues because it "triggers" the dem's and they throw a hissy fit at any mention of Trump. So we don't. Blech! They make no attempt to even understand or use common sense or even think, it's just orange man BAD. So it's going to be interesting to see their hair on fire after he wins again. So sharpen up your pens as I think the blogs are going to light up like a firecracker. I won't be quite and accommodating this time around.

Manu said...

We're still here. We'll be here tomorrow.

We aren't going away.