Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Government is never your friend.

It was FDR who first employed wiretapping. The practice continued under the subsequent Truman Administration, as well as coverups like the manipulation of grand juries. The first example occurred during the Amerasia Spy Case. In 1947, there was obstruction of justice of the grand jury hearing the case of around 40 Soviet agents that were on the federal payroll. The grand jury manipulation by the Truman Administration resulted in all the agents being freed.

The culmination of all this came under the administration of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), following through to Lyndon Baynes Johnson’s (LBJ) presidency. This is little known and unpopular history that many liberal historians would prefer to either gloss over, or ignore altogether.

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As Stan Evans points out, and evidenced by the Reuther memorandum, U.S. administrations have a long history of weaponizing government agencies for use in squelching their political competition.[1]

Ultra-left progressives and moon calf liberals clapped their hands at the IRS attack on Tea Party organizations. Ha ha.

They forget that there is always A Great Turning down the road where what they applaud today is turned against them. There is a lesson for them in the the "House on the Embankment." It was a commodious high rise apartment building in Moscow during Stalin's time and it was a "reward" for the loyal communist party elite. However, some 700 of its residents were arrested and sent to the Gulag or shot. Its porters were NKVD officers and "most of the apartments were bugged." See here. As NPR reporter Anne Garrels said, it was "a gilded cage where residents lived in fear." Housemaids were also NKVD lieutenants.

Not all of the residents of that house had blood on their hands but some did. And all were supporters of the Soviet monstrosity. None who were carried off in the night and imprisoned or shot enjoyed any immunity from the madness because of their loyalty. It's a lesson for the progressives and fools to bear in mind as we race to establish a socialist America with a president who rules by decree. Obama's unconstitutional amnesty and refusal to control the borders are not a victory but a warning. For those who remember a little history. Communism wasn't just, efficient, rational, or human but for today's American professors, journalists, students, and politicians it's still a destination. As Professor Robert McChesney, the moronic "communications" professor and visionary at the University of Illinois, has proposed:
There is no real answer (to the U.S. economic crisis) but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles.
All the totalitarian powers of the last century, and this one, adore socialism but this guy sees no warning in that. Does he talk about pursuing his favored goals in the confines of controls that keep the necessary government power in check? No, it's steady as she goes. This time . . . this time it will be different. The wrong people will be suppressed by the right people. This time.

[1] "The Silencers." By Brent Parrish, The Right Planet, 3/16/15.

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