Friday, March 6, 2015

The Lawlessness Continues

If you’ve been following the national news:

  1. You poor soul;
  2. You know how bad things are getting.

Obama is now planning to raise taxes by executive order. He’s already spent federal funds without Congressional authorization. It’s odds-on that he’ll refuse to abide by a federal court ruling that his amnesty for illegal immigrants is unconstitutional. Given all that, should the Supreme Court strike down ObamaCare, what would you expect him to do? Meekly comply?

For that matter, what do you expect Congress – now full of Republicans – to do about Obama’s noncompliance with the explicit terms of the Constitution? Will it fight for its prerogatives and the rule of law, or will it content itself with approximately what it’s done so far – i.e., nothing at all?

The Obama Administration has arrogated all power to itself. It recognizes no requirement to secure legislative authorization for its actions. It deems the courts’ rulings to be no better than advisories. Indeed, it concedes no constraints of any sort.

How do you like living in a dictatorship, Gentle Reader?

At this point, there is no way to predict how things will progress with any degree of assurance. The mechanisms that are supposed to check the concentration of power in the executive branch aren’t being employed; the Republicans are too spineless to hold firm against Obama’s seizures of ever more anti-Constitutional power, much less to impeach the bastard. I’m not prepared to say that Obama will attempt to remain in the Oval Office beyond the end of his second term...but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

Only the forcible removal of Obama from the White House – and I do mean forcible – has any chance of putting an end to his lawlessness. But of course, unless Biden and the rest of his ilk are removed along with him, the remedy is not guaranteed to cure the disease. Nor would I place much hope in a resurgence of Constitutional governance under any arbitrary gaggle of Republicans; they’re up to their necks in the venality that’s brought us to this pass. The current crop of officeholders cannot be trusted, and cleansing the GOP’s leadership has proved impossible.

There are only two imaginable paths out of this descent into totalitarianism: a rebellion by the states, or a “grass-roots” rebellion too large and too widespread to be suppressed by Washington’s domestic forces. Both would involve large-scale violence. Both would be immensely destructive of American society and the American economy. But unless the Republicans “get religion” and move to curb the Tyrant Obama by Constitutional means, there are no other upward paths.

So when do we take the musket down from the mantel? Indeed, are there any imaginable conditions under which we’d be willing to do so?

If you’re any sort of “prepper,” you’ve already worked to buttress yourself against some possible shocks. However, it’s inherently beyond any man’s powers to prepare adequately for every possibility. Should violence erupt – and the threat of a violent upheaval, given the current state of our economy and the restiveness of far too many social sectors, is high and rising – there will be no way to guarantee its confinement, geographically or demographically. We will all be at risk.

Being on the best possible terms with your neighbors is paramount. Don’t imagine that you can become entirely self-sufficient. Murphy’s Law states that only after the rioting starts will we realize what essentials to survival we’ve neglected to secure. Your best hope of enduring the chaos will be that while you might have provided for X but forgotten Y, your neighbor Jones did the opposite...and you two are well disposed toward one another.

Right now I’m looking at my oil tank and wondering whether to replace it with a larger unit.

Does the above read like the counsel of despair? It isn’t, not really. I’ve ceased to hope for a political solution, but that doesn’t mean that no solution exists. In that connection, recall this line from Star Wars: A New Hope: “The more you tighten your grip, the more systems will slip though your fingers.” A rigid totalitarian authority is inherently incapable of enforcing its will uniformly; it could only do so by enlisting the overwhelming majority of its subjects as its agents and utterly squashing all internal corruption. Consider as an example any prison, the best micro-model of a totalitarian society available; they’re overrun with illegal drugs, their wardens know it, and they can do nothing about it.

So while we might cease to be free de jure – i.e., politically – we can still hope for a lot of latitude de facto, owing to the State’s inability to be everywhere at once. It won’t be a laugh riot. Indeed, it will involve a lot of risk, an attitude of distrust that comes hard to Americans, and the willingness to conceal many an activity that’s noncontroversial today. Still, it should be possible to survive, to flourish, and to raise children who will understand what has been done and what must be done.

A number of my Gentle Readers, alarmed by my recent writings, have written to exhort me to keep fighting...mainly, to keep writing, since in my advanced state of decrepitude I’m not good for much else. I’ve been asking myself whether it’s worthwhile – i.e., whether the gains from it are worth the risks I incur by doing so.

To rant as I’ve done here and elsewhere is to paint a target on one’s back. If there isn’t yet one on mine, the probability of it will rise as matters worsen.

No, I’m not going to stop just now. I’ll do my best to keep the tirades coming, if only in the hope that it will lift my readers’ spirits. But I can’t predict what I’ll need to do, or to stop doing, for my own well-being.

For the present, I hope you’ll continue to stop by. I’ll try to make it worth your while.


Anonymous said...

I've a question: Where are we in the following status?
sovereign citizen
I believe that we have become subjects of agovernment and tyrant that sees itself above our god given rights.

Dystopic said...

If 5.56 or .223 is banned, go AK. Cheap. Got my WASR-10 for $400. Plenty of 7.62x39 available.

Failing that, a 12 gauge is always handy.

Anonymous said...

SCOTUS is heavily compromised. NSA is not about finding terrorists (see Boston Bombing) it is a Business Intelligence and Blackmail operation. Money making and power keeping. SCOTUS is a main target rest assured.

Anonymous said...

Please continue on for as long as possible.
Everyone has a skill set.
Yours is the inspiration I get from your written prose that I am not able to articulate from within me.
Outstanding work.
First time EVER writing a comment anywhere fyi.
Unifying words helps middle aged lions speak to the younger set with clarity.
Thank you.

Reg T said...

NSA has no mandate to seek out islamic terrorism, as the power structure refuses to admit it is an issue. How, then, do they justify their existence? What do they each do during an eight hour shift, three shifts each 24 hours? Capture, read, and annotate our every email, phone call, purchase, and social media contact to make a case against citizens for domestic extremism and domestic terrorism.

I don't know if the facility in Utah, south of Salt Lake City, is hardened against EMP, but I would imagine it might be vulnerable to mortar, IED, etc. You know - what the islamic terrorists that don't exist use routinely. Besides, those folks who work there have to _drive_ there. What if they simply couldn't get there?

It is an interesting state of affairs when your country - at the behest of an America-hating president/dictator - is more willing to punish citizens who just want to be left alone than isamic terrorists who want to destroy America. Maybe that is what Obama really means by "transformation".

Bob57 said...

I have to agree with your approach to playing your part in fixing America. My dear mother was made sad by watching the country rip loose from its constitutional moorings and descend into tyranny. She wanted to do something but recognized as an elderly woman, her options were limited. I counseled her to read the early- and pre- history of the Revolutionary War. It took many years between the onset of the egregious actions of the crown and first shots fired. In that time, many patriots played their parts with their pens. Laying out the ideas which would become central to an American government as well as creating a core of ideas to which the disaffected American rabble could hew, was a critical function. If the British had marched on Lexington in 1765 rather than ten years later, the independence philosophy, the will and the determination would not have been ready to present armed opposition. You, Mr. Porretto, are a pamphleteer of the internet age. Keep preaching, keep teaching and get us all ready to dust off our ARs. We must be prepared when that time comes, and you play a big part in that preparation. The mindset to fight, and the clear vision of what is being fought for, is critical. Carry on!

Anonymous said...


Nil desparandum.

If for no other reason than one's continued resistance keeps the Bad People enraged.


Tewshooz said...

No neighbors here.

Tewshooz said...

Well, we have no neighbors so must fend for ourselves. I would suppose that we are not the only ones in this situation.

A Lion in Winter said...

As the last reader commented: YOU, SIR, ARE THE 21ST CENTURY'S THOMAS PAINE!


Truth, beauty, and goodness shall prevail.

It took 70 years for that rotten edifice of evil called global Communism to fall.

In today's rapid-fire world of quickenings, a very small spark can cause a conflagration to incinerate tyranny over minds, hearts, and souls.


Anonymous said...

Agreed re reference that it took years of festering disgust of British rules via tyranny on the ppl. Specifically 1760-1775. THEN the first shots. So the revolution was really that 15 year period, not the actual fighting. That was the result of revolution. So do what they did. Prepare, stock up, voice your opinion, vent, resist, gain momentum, throw weight of citizens' rights around. If reading helps you verify you are correct in actions and thoughts, read John Adams. Was thinking, what would a modern day Boston Tea Party event look like? The left does this weekly right under your nose x 50 years.

Anonymous said...

My spirits are lifted

David Landro said...

In response to the first comment, I believe we are free citizens with the ability to choose. Vote if you like. I believe it has been aptly demonstrated that it is a futile effort.

The only decision now is whether to lick boots or bleed out on a pile of brass... This decision is approaching rapidly.

LT said...

Please keep your "rants" coming. Certainly we are all obliged to exercise the gifts we have been given towards rightful ends.
I certainly count you as good company, for if there is a target upon your back, there is certainly one upon mine.
Yet I will not stop until the day when they shall seize me bodily and carry me to the dungeon. And on that day they shall have proved me right; and may a thousand rise up to avenge me in such case.

Scott Ulster said...

As far as the period 1765-1175 being the revolution, also remember that as John Adams said, the revolution was a revolution of the mind. The fighting was just part of the bumpy road to get to the predetermined destination. Once the majority of colonial minds had made the switch from British subject to American citizen, there was nothing the British Army or government could do to change it back. Agsin, a Revolution of the Mind.

Grouch, MD said...

I would also gently request continuation of your ungentle rants. Your clarity of expression was one key factor in my own awakening to our current situation.