Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Islam and Obama's hatred of the West in a nutshell.

Islam feeds right into that culture. Radical Islam is an ideology for the aggrieved, better said, for the losers of the world. It is no coincidence that it is the fastest growing cult among prisoners in the West. Islam is about mindless grievance and revenge for slights real and imagined, regardless of when and where they might have occurred. This is why progressives have such difficulty criticizing Islam and taking a tough stance against its barbarities. Islam is seen as part of the "Third World" reaction to the "offenses" of the "white" West, be those the Crusades, the great European empires, or the West's technological and economic dominance. Islam is the friend of progressivism in its hatred for Western culture.

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Obama has incorporated into his thinking and acting the Muslim and the progressive strands of grievance culture and their joint hatred for the West. He leads the movement to destroy America.

"Obama, a Muslim Hater of America?." By W. Lewis Amselem, The DiploMad 2.0, 2/25/15.

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Reg T said...

Yes, and the fact that Obama and Kerry (and whoever plays Geppetto to those two bastards) are willing to allow Iran - a country which has sworn multiple times to destroy both Israel and America - to continue to develop nuclear weapons makes them both traitors.

I am not speaking figuratively, but literally. They are "aiding and abetting". It is akin to someone who hates his wife holding her down while some vile creature rapes and kills her. These politicians are evil. Not simply misguided, but truly evil.