Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What our journalists tell us on immigration.

This quote pertains to how Swedish journalists treat the subject of immigration:
We are supposed to be manipulated to think that it is completely natural that thousands of citizens from another EU-country [Gypsies] occupy streets in every Swedish city and build shantytowns in parks – and that it is our obligation to care for them.

This sort of journalism has a pronounced political agenda: to displace the foreigner [immigration] law and let the [reporters'] personal feelings control the immigration policy. The whole picture, that is, what it is that exactly happens to a country and a people who in an unprecedented fashion are invaded by people from foreign countries and cultures, is deemed irrelevant. Well, at least if that country is Sweden. What the Swedish people think is something you’ll never read about.[1]

Ms. Caesar, the author of the article below, doesn't focus on journalism, however. Rather, she focuses on Swedish feminism whose diseased state cannot be denied.

Do read what she says on that. I merely want to focus on her insightful paragraphs on the madness of the Swedish obsession with destroying Sweden through immigration.

What Caesar writes is applicable to all Western countries, although I grant that it's not clear which phenomenon -- feminism or mass immigration -- is more evil and destructive. Mass third-world immigration is presented to our people, as she notes, as something that's completely natural. It's just beyond ordinary to surrender to foreigners and hand over our country to them so they can (my words) lead us around by the nose using our own laws against us, turn our cities into no-go areas, import their barbaric practices, rape our women, attack and kill us, send billions in remittances back to their true homelands, and demand that we subsidize their parasitic lives and hostility to our culture and laws.

[1] "Congratulations Pussy Porters!" By Julia Caesar, Snaphanen, 3/7/15, translated and republished at "Congratulations Pussy Porters!" By swedishsurveyor, Swedish Surveyor, 3/23/15 (emphasis added). The mystifying term in the title is explained by swedishsurveyor in the preface to this article.

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