Monday, March 2, 2015

The question on everybody's lips.

Rudy Giuliani caused a stir by articulating the most basic fact about Barack Obama, namely, that he does not love this country. He didn't rely on any word ending in "ism" to make his point. No spreadsheets or regression analysis. He just gave voice to the thought that any observant American has had since before the 2008 election. Rob Miller similarly cuts through the media protective fog:
In short, if, say, President Barack Obama didn't care all that much for the America he was elected to lead, if he thought that there was no such thing as 'American exceptionalism', if he thought America needed to be somehow punished for what all his closest associates for decades have told him are America's sins....

What exactly would he be doing differently?[1]

There's a childish simplicity to the words propounded by Giuliani and Miller but the legacy media use every ounce of their education, intelligence, and vast financial resources to paint Obama as a sincere and caring patriot, constitutional scholar, the greatest of the great. Obama hostile to America, to whites? Preposterous!! Four-alarm racism alert! Defcon "Hater" all sectors. [Klaxon. Klaxon.]

In January of last year, his mommy right hand woman, Valerie Jarrett, stated that Americans are "'hungry' for Obama to take unilateral action, bypassing Congress whenever he can to get things done."[2] Her qualification that this will be done within the limits of Obama's executive authority can be seen for the sophistry that it is.

Thus, in a nation that has treasured the thought that we enjoy hitherto unknown freedoms under the protection of even our currently eviscerated Constitution, this closest of Obama advisers mouths patent banana republic nonsense.[3] But this is nonsense that strikes at the heart of the American political scheme, at least as it was initially conceived. Unlimited and arbitrary executive discretion? In what way does this show that Obama and his joined-at-the-hip mouthpiece have any regard for even the basic legal structure of the nation?

This would be comical if this freakish, communism-besotted, Islam-besotted, race-besotted crew didn't today control the executive power of the U.S.A. Surely even Gwyneth Paltrow and Woody Allen are now rethinking their previous longing for a kindly American dictator who can make the trains run on time.

[1] "Is President Obama A Christian? Does He Love America?" By Rob Miller, JoshuaPundit, 2/24/15 (contains impressive list of Obama outrages accomplishments).
[2] "Valerie Jarrett: Americans 'hungry' for Obama to act like an imperial president." By Joe Newby,, 1/28/14. The word "hungry" is a direct quote of Jarrett. The rest of the quoted language is that of Mr. Newby.
[3] Letter of apology and explanation by courier to Swedish ambassador soonest. Swedish banana republic status still at least five years out.

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