Monday, March 9, 2015

The debt we owe to progressives.

Never forget that the "First Progressive Era" gave us the three worst ideas in our history: Prohibition, the Income Tax, and the direct popular election of Senators. We are still paying the price for our great grandfathers' folly.[1]
And that was before the word "progressive" came to mean what it does today: communist, subversive, socialist, someone fundamentally hostile to America and white European civilization and willing to do anything and everything to undermine constitutional government.

Someone, moreover, who is

  • blind to the communist slaughter of the last century,
  • blind to the danger of abandoning the rule of law in favor of some nice man promising to banish unhappiness and personal responsibility,
  • blind to the differences between cultures and races, and
  • blind to the realities of human nature and economic basics.
The legacy progressives (legprogs) are still out there. Working hard to "improve things" in the belief that they (1) are smarter than the schlubs and (2) have a lock on decency because "they care." Of course, they're blind to the danger of today's "progressives." They figure if someone says nice things, only nice things are on that person's agenda. Legprogs are indistinguishable from "liberals" and they are blind to same stuff mentioned above.[2]

All of these fools and destroyers think stuff like this is "edgy," "real," and "valid." As the saying goes, you can't make stuff like this up. Progressives would keel over in a dead faint at the sight of a landfill buzzing with flies but transport it to the Guggenheim Museum and it would be, like, art, man.

Name whatever area of human life that you want and the progressive take on it will be lunatic or designed to lay the foundation for authoritarian government that will settle accounts with White Europeans and the productive people of America.

[1] Comment by potkas7 on "The Constitution has Failed." By Leon H. Wolf, RedState, 3/3/15.
[2] Liberals are not as innocuous as they want you to believe. Fred Siegel's book, The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class (2014), shows how liberals came to hate America after World War I. How is it that historical and political ignorance, naivete, and all-around malevolence got mainlined into the arteries of the left? Can't they be comfortable in their own skin?


UK Houston said...

Two things. That quote at the top is actually from one of the comments on that article, not the article itself. It's important, I think, to preserve that distinction. Secondly, the commenter left out the 19th Amendment, which is at least as important as those other items in the progressive litany of fail, although even less PC to say so.

KPP said...

"We are still paying the price for our great grandmothers' folly."

Fixed that. I firmly believe that the extension of the voting franchise to women and the subsequent necessity of politicians to pander to their issues has had a lot to do with our current situation.

A few years back I heard an acquaintance express that sentiment and I thought he was nuts. Now I understand what he meant.

Historian said...

I agree about the income tax, but I would argue that the next two *worst* ideas out of the first Progressive era were the Federal Reserve Bank, and state run, state funded public schools. Prohibition was bad, and popular election of Senators is probably 4th on my list, but in terms of facilitating the destruction of the founder's republic, giving control of the economy and education to the government were essential.

But as important as it is to understand how we got here, at this point such arguments are trivial next to the question of how we can best move back towards a truly free society, or at least how we can shape the aftermath of the coming collapse.

Anonymous said...

The debt we owe to progressives... can be paid back in full with hemp and lead.


Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks, UK Houston. You're right and a correction will issue.

Also right as to the 19th Amendment. In general, the universal franchise idea is madness. Clearly it should be limited to taxpayers, property owners, literates, and those capable of answering simple questions about the Constitution. I'm a bit ambivalent about denying women the vote but mostly not. Isn't it Rush Limbaugh who's spoken of the chickification of America. Anyone who self identifies as a feminist and unmarried mothers should be barred from voting.

Col. B. Bunny said...

KPP, agreed per my response to UKH. I had a similar reaction to a friend who said he favored monarchy as the ideal system. I, too, thought he was a bit touched in the head but can see the wisdom of his views in view of the disaster that the destruction of our constitutional republic has been for the U.S.

Historian, I've fumed over the legal requirement to turn the education of our kids over to government schools and their socialist/liberty-hating bureaucrats. My mother taught in a one-room school house in the prairies c. 1921 and I know she wasn't spouting the kind of poison our kids are exposed to today. How the heck did we get from there to here? How to reverse this is the more important question. I favor a default position of withdrawal of consent in every area. Let better ideas surface but that will do something to slow the juggernaut of statism. We've got to stop pretending that we have a decent government staffed by patriots. We don't. The federal government has fallen and is in enemy hands today.

Anon, it will probably come to that. The effort to foment a complete political revolution is in full swing. What we see is not honest policy misjudgment but active destruction.