Thursday, March 26, 2015

Have we got a surprise for you.

Progressives (liberals, leftists, socialists, communists) all disdain the West's achievement of institutionalizing respect for basic rights, limited government and the rule of law. That achievement is now under determined attack by Progressives (i.e., Western elites) but they have no concept of the ghastly consequences of abandoning that achievement:
A former senior propagandist, Jang Jin-Sun, defected to South Korea and told the documentary’s producers, “In North Korea they promote the leader to be the sun. If you go too close you burn, if you go too far you freeze to death.”[1]
Demanded his rights and
voted "NO" on the execution deal.
Progressives always assume they will end up at that perfect orbit around the leader or oligarchs of the massively statist regimes they struggle so hard to create in their own countries. They think they will be warm and comfy once their freedom-loving, traditionalist enemies have been vanquished.

Blacks similarly think that a leftist victory will mean their emancipation from the hated white man but never stop to consider what radical leftist white men will do to them when they no longer have any need for their votes.

[1] "The Dangers Of Exposing North Korea’s Secrets. A documentary's chilling tale -- in front of the camera, and behind it." By Bethany Mandel, The Federalist, 1/17/15.

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