Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Illegal immigration and its discontents.

The recent focus on American citizens who refuse the vaccines for their children, however, have overlooked the more significant threat, which is individuals coming to our country unvaccinated. . . .

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. . . Unvaccinated populations can include citizens of our country who can’t, or choose not to, be vaccinated. Those “anti-vaccine” individuals actually make up a very small part of this. The problem is the non-citizens who are not vaccinated who visit or come and stay here illegally. The number of these individuals is so very much greater than citizens who choose not to vaccinate, yet I see this mostly ignored in discussions about forcing all citizens in this country to be vaccinated.

* * * *

While presently there is a raging anger at those citizens who choose not to vaccinate, there is nothing said about foreign visitors who come to this country, and the conversation is even shunned because of the current political correctness that is choking society.[1]

Apparently measles is more of a serious disease than I had thought. Now what about resistant TB? Is that something that can be laid at the doorstep of uncontrolled, unlimited immigration from the third world?

Disease AND crime and job theft and welfare parasitism and subversion of white culture are all aspects of the problem of illegal immigration. But it will be a cold day in hell before you'll hear about it from the left. Nope. It's rosy-cheeked infants and lovable dreamers and strivers we hear about. An omission is as much a lie as an outright misrepresentation.

Westerners can never complain about illegal immigration. We can only focus on disembodied, abstract problems that have no causation other than spontaneous appearance. A proliferation of ultra-violent MS-13 gangs in the U.S. has no connection whatsoever to illegals from El Salvador. They're just there in our backyards. Like dandelions. What can we do?

[1] "A Pediatrician’s Guide To The Vaccination Debate. What foreign visitors bring in carries greater risks to everyone than the few citizens who misguidedly refuse vaccinations for themselves or their kids." By Ron Smith, The Federalist, 2/11/15.


Joseph said...

Okay. Allow in anybody who's vaccinated at the border.

Col. B. Bunny said...

And if they have a U.S. passport.