Monday, March 16, 2015

Humanity's ultimate dead end.

Pol Pot's "perfect democracy."
The Left claims to love the world, hence, it can love no nation or society. That is why the Manifesto famously begins with 'Workers of the World,' not workers of Germany or France or Italy or Russia. But the Left---Red and nihilistic to the core---loves only itself and power. Masquerading as a vanguard of expert knowledge and progressive enlightenment, it fights for complete rule over what it disdains as inferior populations. The truth is more prosaic. Leftism is humanity's ultimate dead end. Taken to its logical conclusion, it leads straight to the prison house and the graveyard, as History has proven time and again.
Comment by Bandido on "Reagan, Like Rudy, Tied Democrats to Communists. Liberals explode as Giuliani touches a nerve." By Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator, 2/24/15.

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