Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Fiction: Overtime

     Yet another short romance. Retired New York Rangers defenseman Dave Pargeter has signed on as the evening sports reporter for WHUP, Onteora County’s local-programming cable station. WHUP doesn’t yet realize what a maverick it’s hired. Neither does frosty-as-an-Onteora-winter Diane Loiselle, WHUP’s beautiful, ambitious weather gal. Surprises lie ahead for Diane, for WHUP, for WHUP’s parent network...and for Dave.

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Pascal said...

That's the kind of contrariness that pleases me. But you also convinced me you know how to produce TV, so you must've done your homework. Can you reveal your sources?

Francis W. Porretto said...

I've done some local-cablecast production and emcee work, Pas. It's not all that complicated, really.

PS:Since you've read it, why not review it?

Pascal said...

Done. I was frank. I hope you do not find it upsetting.