Friday, March 27, 2015

Querulous Queries, Rumbly Ruminations, and Surly Surmises

     Haven’t done one of these in a while. Suppose it’s time.

     Obama just shafted Israel again, by releasing U.S. confirmation of Israel’s nuclear armament. Is there anyone with three functioning brain cells who still believes Obama’s a Christian – or an American?

     This article at the Daily Caller is supposedly about a hoax. Don’t know about that. It’s a good reflection of the censoriousness and overall attitudes of the “angry ugly-girl” Left. The real question is how many journalists will regard it as a command from She Who Must Be Obeyed.

     You can call the vicious, lying, power-obsessed bitch whatever you want, for my money. She deserves the worst you can say about her: Her cooperation with his deceits gave Bill Clinton the White House. If “reporters” had been willing to follow the Bimbo Trail in 1992, we might have avoided a Clinton presidency. Hell, we might have avoided two Clinton presidencies. But we’ve learned how foolish it is to expect “Democrat operatives with bylines” (Glenn Reynolds) to report on anything that would cast an unfavorable light on the Democrat Wonder Boy of the Month.

     There’s a good, albeit somber, article today at Neo-NeoCon. Guess she belongs in the blogroll. Can’t imagine why I’m so reluctant to grow it...or prune it.

     Does anyone else out there think PJ Media is turning sort of mushy and irrelevant? It started out well enough, and it published good stuff for a good spell, but lately the bulk of its material seems shrugworthy. Well, all things must pass, as the poet says.

     There are several kinds of perfection. (Bear in mind that perfect comes from a Latin word that means “finished.”) This kind should be enjoyed greatly and celebrated enthusiastically. The, ah, owner seems to agree.

     (To those who think the female breast is an obscene sight: Keep it to yourself.)

     Read The Declination. Read it. The proprietor has things to say, and he says them very well. Helps that he’s a friend, of course, but quality will always out.

     Just noticed how often I omit the subject of a sentence. Mustn’t let that get to be a habit. Anyway, onward.

     Does anyone know what’s up with His Majesty? No time to write? Nothing to write about? Inquiring minds want to know!

     If this is nailed down, it will send tidal waves through the airline business. Truth be told, I suspected it from the first. However, that having been said, I won’t fly on an AirBus and I won’t allow the C.S.O. to fly on one. The designers deliberately contrived to forbid manual override of many important computer-initiated maneuvers.

     I’m a software guy. One of the very best, in fact. And I tell you quite plainly: Do not trust your life to an automated, digitally-controlled system. Take it from one who knows.

     Rush Limbaugh and others are vehement that the infamous Bergdahl trade had nothing to do with getting Bergdahl back. Their contention is that it was entirely about vacating a few more cells at Camp X-Ray. Not sure, myself. Think how eager Obama is to let millions of other anti-Americans into the country.

     Colin Flaherty continues to commit flagrant acts of journalism. For my money, he’s one of the best half-dozen actual newsmen in America. Of course, the Left purely hates him for undermining the central pillar of its Narrative. But that’s testimony in his favor.

     Be sure to read White Girl Bleed A Lot. It could save your life some day...some day very soon.

     I like Ashe Schow. A lot. She’s a big part of what makes the Washington Examiner worth your time and attention. Doesn’t hurt that she’s damned good lookin’, either:

     I’m a big advocate of nuclear weapons – in the right hands, of course (i.e., mine). Nuclear weapons do something that’s desperately needed to be done since Waterloo: they put the political class on the battlefield. Of course, not everyone is happy about that.

     We’ve been seeing quite a lot of this lately. Has there always been this much of it and it’s only just now emerging into public view, or has there been an explosion of it recently?

     Adults and children are practically two different species. They shouldn’t be conducting clandestine love affairs with one another. But much the same could be said about men and women...and with no small amount of justice.

     That’s all for today. Time to take the tractor to see the tractor doctor. After that, it’s fiction and general home maintenance, possibly for the entire weekend. Enjoy your Friday!


Nice Deb said...

Please don't give up on PJ Media just yet. I know someone *cough* me *cough* who just signed on with them...

Francis W. Porretto said...

Good luck with it, Deb, but I can get plenty of you at your regular site. Unless you plan to stop posting there, that is?

Malatrope said...

Two things:
a) I only go to PJ Media anymore for Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan. Roger seems to be drifting off course, otherwise.

b) Subjects of sentences aren't all that necessary. For the web, write in "conversational style". Know whut I mean?

(I used to go round and round with "Standing Wolf" on American Thinker because he insisted on perfect English lit grammar At All Times. I treat the written art as prose/poetry/art and he, and English teacher, just couldn't accept that. Oh, and that also includes, um, perhaps too many commas, which simulate pauses in the spoken phrase.)

Nice Deb said...

I think I'll keep posting at Nice Deb - but it will most likely be less frequently.

Reg T said...

Good luck with your tractor. Where's the Farm Girl when you need her?

Reg T said...


You should sit on Standing Wolf's chest and force him to read some e.e.cummings, to the tune of some rap music ;-)