Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bogus Western narrative in Syria.

From an interview with Sheikh Hassun in Damascus, Summer 2013:
[Sheikh Ahmad Badr Al -Din Hassun, Grand Mufti of Syria, and close confidant of Syrian President Bashar al –Assad] Hassun debunks the story of the alleged "popular uprising" in Syria as a cheap fairy tale. Information is circulating in politics and media about plans in which Syria ceases to exist as a nation state. Instead, the country with a long history would be split in various religious entities. The talk among other things is about an Alawite state on the coast, a Kurdish region in the north and a kind of Sunni caliphate in Damascus. The approximate two million Syrian Christians only have the opportunity in these simulations to pack their bags. The basis of such ideas to crush the Syrian nation-state is the assumption that one can no longer expect to have a secular state in which Sunnis (about 70 percent of the total population), Shiites, Alawites, Christians and Druze live together. The "Syrian uprising" was portrayed as a rebellion by the allegedly "oppressed Sunni majority" demanding its rights. The logic of many Western politicians: In a country with 70 percent of Sunnis, this quota should also apply to politics and business, everything else is brutal oppression. And they call this sectarian idea “democracy”. There is a considerable nuisance when this theory is shut down by the highest Sunni authority in the country, therefore, they try to hush him now in the West, and kill him in Syria.
"Father of the Nation." By Manuel Ochsenreiter, Manuel Ochsenreiter – Journalist, 10/21/15.


Reg T said...

Sure. This is what they did to Iraq, and look how that worked out. Drawing arbitrary lines is certain to displease everyone, and won't protect the Christians or other non-muslims (including apostates like the Alawites and Druz). I wouldn't be surprised if the Christians - and whatever Alawites and Druz have a brain - are fighting for Assad, rather than against him.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I believe Christians do fight for Assad. They know the alternative and, besides, Syria is a moderate, diverse, secular(ish?) society that has considerable support. Sunnis comprise the bulk of the army I think.

This imam seems like a reasonable and honorable man.

Far from being a terrible regime it's the gold template for everything one could hope for in a Muslim-majority state. Not lunatic, for one thing, and certainly not lunatic because of the "teachings" of a litany of gibberish, oppression, and death. But Syria is the one nation in the world we're really out to get.