Monday, December 21, 2015

Quickies: Incredible Surprises Dept.

     Who in the audience couldn’t see this coming?

     The anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign is asking the federal government to harass Christian schools that have asked for or been granted waivers that would allow them to live out their Christian faith.

     The 1972 Title IX amendments prohibiting sex discrimination in hiring, housing, and employment at schools receiving federal funds is at issue. The law allows religious schools to opt out of the requirements.

     On the heels of their huge Supreme Court win in the Obergefell v. Hodges decision mandating homosexual marriage coast to coast, the radical LGBT establishment is looking for their next win. They believe they have found it in going after religious companies and employers who may hold that accepting a normalization of the homosexual agenda is against their religious beliefs.

     You knew the whole “gay marriage” thing was a “camel’s nose under the tent” deal, didn’t you, Gentle Reader? Same-sex marriage was a thinly rationalized con job from the first. Yet after Obergefell v. Hodges we immediately saw it creep forward. We saw it destroy Brendan Eich for a political donation. We saw it try to sink the Ender’s Game movie because Orson Scott Card, a devout Mormon, opposes same-sex marriage. Did you really think that any institution that wanted to be left out of the swamp of homosexual perversion would be left alone for very long?

     When the “gay rights” stormtroopers screamed that “all we want is for our marriages to be recognized,” many of us were taken in. But the campaign for "marriage equality" was never about marriage or equality; it was just another part of the Left's quest for power and its determination to destroy every important Western institution or tradition.

     When a Left-aligned group says “All we want,” normal people should immediately translate it as “We want it all.” Because it's a lead-pipe cinch that they do.


Anonymous said...

It will eventually (read:soon) come down to us versus them. Perhaps, despite their whining, they have chosen to arm themselves as well, thus making it a bit more of a contest. But likely they haven't, which makes it a slaughter. It won't end until either all of us or all of them are gone - thus is the nature of the battle between good and evil, hence the Lord's admonition that the amalekites be 'completely destroyed and take no spoils'. Sorry, it is what it is. Lets get it on.

Reg T said...

Anon, I really believe it won't - initially, at least - come down to "us vs them". They will use local and state law enforcement first, probably followed by the National Guard, as many as will be willing to turn their guns on us. Thinking of Kent State (possibly before your time?), I'm not all that sure any of them will balk at stopping us "domestic terrorists".

Those minions of the elite will be used as a bulwark to protect the Left. Instead of fighting the cops and then the Guard, think about targeting politicians, media executives, CEOs, upper management at the EPA, IRS, etc. If enough of them are removed from the equation, they may call off the "enforcers" and choose to live-and-let-live. For a while longer, anyway. "Term Limits" by Vince Flynn ring a bell?