Thursday, December 24, 2015

More on the NW Syrian border.

Imagine a Kurdish unification corridor [in Syria] – running from Afroin to the rest of Rojava. This means Turkey cut off from Syria; crucially, the end of the Jihadi Highway; the end of Turkish secret services offering lavish logistical support for Daesh, from Big Macs to holidays in Turkey; the end of the Syrian stolen oil Daesh Highway. Not to mention the YPG – allied with the PKK – controlling a semi-autonomous province with the status of a proto-state.

Make no mistake: the Sultan will go no holds barred to prevent it. ISIS was never an “existential threat” to Ankara. On the contrary; it was always a very useful indirect “ally.” Ankara will continue to plug the myth that the road to Daesh’s [ISIS's] defeat goes through Assad regime change.

Russia exposed the bluff. Yet the lame duck Obama administration is still uncertain; should we use Erdogan even as he recklessly tries to pit NATO directly against Russia? Or should we dump him? The answer lies in who, and how, wins the break for the border.

"The Race for Syria's Northern Border." By Pepe Escobar, Russia Insider, 12/21/15.


Reg T said...

Forgive me if I've harped on this before, but using "Daesh" in place of either ISIS or ISIL is a ploy of the Left. They claim it is derogatory to the members of ISIS to use that term, in order to get more people to use it. I am convinced it is being used to move people away from remembering that ISIS/ISIL starts with "islamic state". Anything that stops people from continuing to make that connection is bad.

ISIS is the perfect expression of islam, the embodiment of the commands of the qur'an and hadith, and that is something we all need to remember. ISIS is truly islamic.

[I understand it was probably Escobar that used "Daesh", and not you, Col.]

Col. B. Bunny said...

I share your antipathy to that term. Isil appears to have some more encompassing meaning, something greater than Iraq and Syria? All three terms are a slithering away from "al Qaida" which appears to be the whole enchilada there in one word. I'm sure you noticed that all of a sudden "Al Qaida" just disappeared from the face of the earth. From Satan's only hand maidens to nobodies in the matter of a couple of months. Like radio silence.

ISIS seems to be tasked with being the most savage, barbaric, hideous collection of toads on the planet precisely to turn millions of Syrians and Iraqis into terrified refugees. The chief toad appears to be a nobody, no doubt appointed by the Saudis to advance the destruction of Europe. This is well understood by the muslim-in-chief which is insane. The WH is in enemy hands.

Reg T said...

I saw a post somewhere - gunslingers journal, possibly - where the "L' standing for Levant included all of Israel, and this, I feel certain, make "ISIL" more attractive to the Fool in the WH because he would dearly love to have Israel overrun by ISIS/ISIL. Especially as there is good reason to believe he assisted in changing Al Qaida to ISIL, in no small part by arming them, via Ambassador Stevens, who he then allowed to be raped, beaten, shocked on the genitals with a cattle prod (I've got a photo of that if you've the stomach for it), burned over much of his body (again, including the genitals) and finally killed - or simply succumbed to his horrible wounds and abuse.

The wish to see the One pay for his many sins is enough to make me pray there really is someone standing in Judgment of such worthless and totally unrepentant scum. And his partner in that particular obscenity stands ready to further this country's descent into madness.