Thursday, December 31, 2015

How a patriot would have acted in Benghazi.

Obama and the Treason Class are adept at "narratives." Whites are bigots, conservatives are racists and haters, this is a propositional nation founded by words located in the dictionary, the Constitution is alive and formless like an amoeba, AND that "it's all so complicated."

It's all so complicated, in fact, that reality is hard to know most of the time and that therefore political action requires so much great thinking that our caring and patriotic leaders will get back to us on that at the time of the next presidential or congressional election. During that election the "debate" about our nation's future will involve video clips of Republicans throwing old ladies in wheel chairs off a cliff and a level of bullshit exceeded only by protestations of future good behavior from a convict at his parole hearing.

This is what is known as "the democratic process."

One of the ways to achieve clarity in this life is to engage in the Holmesian elimination of the impossible, which approach I have extolled previously.

Another is to ask yourself what is it that we are NOT hearing from the politicians?

Here's a masterful video showing how that approach can work and upon hearing the first couple of sentence of what Bill Whittle had to say about Benghazi you instantly know what Obama and his toadies went to great length to conceal about the night that our fellow citizens died needlessly, the night when they were shamelessly abandoned. They concealed that they did not care about the lives of Americans heroically and ferociously fighting our Muslim enemies far away in Libya.

You can see that it wasn't complicated in the least: Our guys were in trouble. Muslims were again proving they cannot be trusted and that they are our enemies. There were plenty of military options.

Instead, what Obama and his disgusting, cowardly advisers chose was for America to act -- not like a major world power whom no jumped up gaggle of jihadis would ever dare antagonize – but like a nation no more consequential or fearsome than Cuba.

And like a nation whose top leadership would break faith with the very best of its people.


Anonymous said...

"like a nation whose top leadership would break faith with the very best of its people."

warlock n: a man practicing the black arts : sorcerer -- compare witch

etymology [ME warloghe, fr. OE waerloga one that breaks faith, fr. waer faith, troth + loga (fr. leogan to lie)]

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. So, Whittle doesn't want to be President. That's ok, because he sure as hell just wrote an example of the next President's speech... - Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Whittle one of conservatism's most articulate spokesmen-I've been a fan of his since his EjectEjectEject days.

Amazing how he predicted Trump would be president, isn't it?

Col. B. Bunny said...

Anon 5:37, an interesting etymology and aptly recorded here. It's a very modern concept much loved by the smart set that fealty is not owed one's own.

Grandpa, not to detract from Whittle in any way but I think his job was made immeasurably easier for his having his eye firmly on the issues of protection of Americans and advancement of the issues of America. Any speech you want to give with these two things in mind would pretty much write itself. (But I know Whittle's personal genius was responsible for 95%. Just identifying the two issues as the biggies requires an intellectual and moral feat that few seem able to match. Trump some close. You don't have to weigh every word when you can convince people that you're on their side.)

Zardoz, he long ago put the kibosh on the 9-11 truth idiots on his old blog.

It is wondrous odd that in a nation of over 300 million people that people of the clarity of mind don't effortless make it into the presidential races. It's just absurd that Clinton is the front runner, for gosh sakes. A dishonest, foul-mouthed, hypocrite of no accomplishment other than that of being married to Bill.

If Whittle predicted Trump in the above video, I regret to say that I missed it first time through. Yes. Hard to believe, I know. And, yes, impressive if he called it.

Reg T said...

That Clinton can even _run_ for the office, let alone win it, is a serious indication of how low we have sunk as a nation. It is appalling that there are millions of Americans willing to vote for this piece of filth.

I know she has access to hundreds of millions via the "Clinton Foundation", but - as venal as she is - I can't see her spending her own criminally-earned wealth to gain office (nor would Bill let her). She _must_ be being funded by such as Soros, the Saudis, etc. Which means the "fix" is in.

And how the hell can Bernie afford to run? The same machine, just supporting him marginally to make it look like we are still having "elections" in this country?

Col. B. Bunny said...

Agreed on Hillary. It's just absurd that a nation of 300+ M can't cast up 500 men and women of superior character and accomplishment. Fiorina is not good on Islam and is otherwise not for me but she's obviously intelligent and an excellent debater. I don't know why politicians have to be the farm team for national leadership. I couldn't care less about first woman, first drag queen, or first communist for president though with the present guy I think the third label has to be retired.

The kabuki aspect of Bernie's candidacy eludes me though American politics seems increasingly to be about smoke and mirrors. The whole national electoral system seems to be rigged but Bernie seems to be on a genuine frolic and detour of his own devising.