Sunday, December 20, 2015

Quickies: Cautionary Words

From Oregon Muse at AoSHQ:
     Personally, I've always distrusted "the cloud". The point of having your own computer,personal computers they used to be called, is that the computer is your property that you own, therefore you control it. But now, I think, they're boiling the frog: little by little we're ceding final control over our personal information and e-texts to whoever is running the cloud. And if one fine day some Obama-fueled agency pounds on Microsoft's door (or Apple's or Google's) demanding all the files stored on their servers for you, do you think they'd put up even token resistance? I think you can bet that your data would be in the hands of the feds faster than you could say "enthusiastic voluntary compliance".

     Oregon Muse, whoever he is, has the right of it. The entire appeal of “cloud storage” is being able to access files when away from your computer...yet a flash drive or pocket disk drive would be far better for the purpose, without compromising your files or your property rights in them.

     Smart people eschew the “cloud.”

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