Thursday, December 17, 2015

Quickies: Connecting The Dots Dept.

     One of the reasons the Main Stream Media continue to be a highly useful asset to The Left is their ability to steer people away from making critical connections. They achieve this by framing their coverage in preferred ways, and by strategically separating their coverage of connected events. Have a look at a recent, profoundly disturbing case:

     Missouri just became ground zero for some intense evolving events that have occurred there recently. In the last week, six Walmarts were visited in the wee hours of the morning by at least two Middle Eastern men. At each stop they purchased 60 burner phones. They couldn’t be arrested because technically they did nothing illegal. Cell phones can be used for communications in terrorist cells and as detonators for bombs. ISIS just released a snuff film in Syria showing rebel prisoners who had explosives placed underneath them. The thugs stood off and detonated the bombs with their phones and rebel bits went everywhere. Just think what they could do with over 360 phones and those are just the ones we know about.

     As concerning as those events were, it gets even worse. Over the last two weeks in Missouri, dozens of propane tanks have been stolen from various locations. As with the cell phones, the FBI says they are not concerned. Really? I’m sure they realize you can make bombs from propane tanks. Not to mention, you can empty them, pack them with explosives and plant them back in stores of propane tanks and set them off remotely. Yep, there are all kinds of nifty, evil uses for propane. There was also a sighting in Florida of several Muslim men buying propane tanks in bulk. Gee, wonder what they intend to do with them? That would make for one hell of a barbecue.

     It would also make for some pretty snazzy artillery:

     If this country were fully awake to the Islamic threat, its retailers would refuse to sell anything to an obvious Muslim. But we’re not even sufficiently roused to chastise our “journalists” for downplaying the developments Terresa Monroe-Hamilton cites above.

     Please read the linked article in its entirety. Then, should you be in retail yourself, contemplate what you would do were a Muslim – of either sex – to attempt a bulk purchase of burner phones, propane tanks, or – God help us – propane at your place of business. Yes, the Almighty State would frown upon your refusal to make such a sale. But would the State’s favor compensate you for the knowledge that you’d passively enabled terrorists to reap human lives by the tankload?

     How do you feel about our Legacy Media’s flaccidity in this regard? More to the point, since there’s only one acceptable answer, what do you propose to do about it?


Malatrope said...

I am afraid I've come to the conclusion that our culture is suicidally stupid, and will not recover.

I hope the small percentage of us with brains will have enough collective oomph to repel this invasion. The Jihad balloon has clearly gone up in this country, and our government seems to be sitting by the sidelines, drinking martinis and enjoying the show.

JWMJR said...

My fear is that they are planning a for a massive assault with hundreds of these bombs going off on a single day or two days. They will show just how horrendously vulnerable we are but also how naive if not criminally negligent our government is. The only hope would be a massive counter strike against ISLAM IN GENERAL Mosques burning and immediate deportation and or internment. There can be no other rational response. All the leftist decry FDR having interned the west coast Japanese but guess what, there was not a single case of Japanese sabotage throughout the entire war because of it. If we openly allow a fith column to operate in our midst we will suffer terrible casualties all in the name of "trrsnce and diversity".

The minute the first large scale attack occurs, treason charges should be filed against Obama, Clinton, Kerry, zHder etc. The public will demand ot

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Clearly we must insist on government background checks and waiting periods for obtaining cell phones and liquid petroleum containers; not only that, but any pointed or sharp edged device capable of accomplishing decapitation. Also, the yard-sale loophole for acquiring these objects must be closed since only the access to government data bases will suffice in keeping us "safe".

Our government must NEVER consider abandoning the practice of determining the legitimacy of or engaging in the regime change of ANY government in the middle East or Asia as past adventures have yet to result in any unpleasant blowback.

Brinster said...

While we're at it, let's not have tsunami warnings, warnings of epidemic outbreaks, food contamination alerts, water boil notices and anything else that's a danger to the public. If I didn't know better, I'd swear there's an attempt to thin the population of this country.

Anonymous said...

Let's pray that when (not if) the next mass murder of American people in this country by 'radicalized' muslims, wakes the people up - since TPTB are in a 'denial coma'. When that happens, the choice will be the same - "them" or "us". At that time we must begin to vote our displeasure, using the only 'box' remaining for us, to make ourselves heard and understood. The cartridge box. Then the motto will change, political correctness be damned... "if you see something, shoot something"