Monday, December 21, 2015

Is Europe dying?


I constantly point out that European voters only give grudging, reluctant support to nationalist, salvationist parties. Fine in the long run as the pathetically small numbers do seem only to head upwards.

But the nature of Islam is so clear that really telling predictor of the future of Europe is what is missing. It's possibly my favorite analytical tool. What is someone NOT doing or saying?

What Europeans are NOT doing is flocking to the polls to hand overwhelming majorities to their nationalist parties. Obviously they do not like them. Ergo, they are choosing suicide or slavery.

Where Europeans DO show energy is in their wish to ferret out "Nazis," crucify the "far right," remain blissfully ignorant of the crimes of communism, criminalize free speech, lick the boots of deranged feminists, indulge in fantasies about human nature, worship foreigners and minorities, fawn over government, and steal from their more productive "fellow" citizens.

That's where the energy lies.

Doing something about millions of arrogant pricks in their midst does not enter into their daily schedule. Look at Germany. Over a million Muslim invaders have entered this year and Merkel is still in power. Yes, yes. There's some support for PEGIDA and AfD but it's nothing that a few hundred AntiFa thugs called out by the government can't deal with. Someone at Oberlin College should write a term paper on the paving stone as an adjunct to the democratic process.

The Swedes positively grovel at the feet of the scum who rape their women. The Italians use their navy as a taxi service for the invaders who will destroy their country.

Another take by Stanislav:

Europe is flooded, flooded by the people of the third world, to such a degree that there is absolutely zero chance of ever assimilating them. This is in part because the people who are flooding in, through the happenstance "walls and fences" are not coming for the better life through hard work and becoming part of a better system, but are coming as a wave of parasites to leech off of the system that can not in any rational mind, support them without buggering its own people to death. Further, in this mass of humanity is an army of terrorists Hell bent on the destruction of this very body, swimming like fish in a pond of humanity which will in turn defend them and hide them and many of whom approve of them, even as they themselves will suffer when their host is pulled down.
"Is Europe [Too] Dead to Revive?" By Stanislav, Mat Rodina, 11/14/15.

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