Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quickies: Some Thoughts On Hostile Political Intercourse

     Each of us is entitled to his own standards for social dealing. It’s the compatibility of those standards with the standards of others that determines one’s choice of associates.

     No one is required to answer to anyone else for his political affiliations or his policy positions. As I’ve said in other contexts, “Opinions are like assholes: everyone’s gotta have one.”

     No one is obligated to suffer the assaults of others, especially when those others are openly trying to silence you or intimidate you.

     No one is required to reply to accusations with politeness, regardless of the nature of the accusation. When the accuser is himself anonymous, insulting, or obscene, he should and must be answered with maximum vitriol. There is no other known remedy for such rhetorical assaults. Think of it as pre-emptive defense of unknown others who, if he were not firmly rebuked, the accuser might harass at some later time.

     It is vitally important that we not permit the vicious cretins of the world to force us onto the defense. They know that’s our reflex reaction to an accusation. It’s a tendency we must fight. Ponder how they’ve rhetorically criminalized everything but absolute conformity to the Gospel of Political Correctness, and reflect.

     While opinions vary about it when guns and bombs are involved, in political intercourse, total war is the most humane. It preserves one’s dignity, conserves one’s time, energy, and patience, and ends the fusillades faster than any other approach. While you mustn’t start such fights, you must always finish them – as swiftly as possible.

     Food for thought. And no, the above is not because my arthritis is starting to flare up afresh...I think.


Master Guns said...

Has it started?

Francis W. Porretto said...

That is a very worrisome story.

FrozenPatriot said...

“Opinions are like assholes: everyone’s gotta have one” ...and most of 'em stink...

JWMJR said...

Most of these hostile leftist are not simply athiests but completely amoral. They call themselves progressives or liberals but see absolutely no conflict in calling their opponents fascists while concurrently employing openly fascist tactics in trying to suppress any and all who would dare disagree with them.

Bruce Hanify said...

I have observed two persistent traits with respect to self-identified "liberalism" over the years. First, the attribution of divine goodness or evil to political figures ("Bush is Hitler" vs Clinton Hagiography); second, a need to shame others for daring to state a principle (truth), as opposed to the catechism.

So, Fran . . . I guess you just injected me with a bit of resolve. By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!