Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bringers of death.

However, many people in their 70's today (and older) were caught in the maelstrom of cultural change and were unable, however hard they tried, to stop the destruction. Because back then, it was a microcosm. It had to become a macrocosm, it had to spread, metastasize, and threaten the very existence of civilization, the very existence of Christianity, before an awakening happened. This is because the billions of individuals on the earth are not all simultaneously at the same level of evolution, some being terminal thumb-suckers, others born mature and quick to face reality, and every other nuance in between. So it takes time - too much time, and look at how much time has been wasted with treasonous rulers and media - all bringers of death.
"An axis of good." By Tiberge, GalliaWatch, 12/22/15.

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