Monday, December 21, 2015

The U.S. really is allied with the loathsome ISIS.

In summing it all up, it also becomes evident that the Syrian "civil war" never really was one. Rather, the terrorists were supported by the West from the very beginning, for the purpose of overthrowing Assad’s government (as I’ve written in previous articles). When faced with a terrorist defeat, the sponsors will throw all their political weight behind the terrorists, no matter what it costs.

Ultimately, this is proof that the hegemonic ambitions of the US / the West in this region were the reason behind the creation of IS. It was never a fight against IS. It was the targeted, planned, intentional creation of Islamic extremism, in the form of the Islamic State.[1]

Thus the most loathsome group of humans on the planet are a creature of U.S. policy, no doubt devised at the behest of the equally loathsome Saudis and Qataris.

Mr. Lehner has an interesting insight into the Russian and Syrian strategy. Apparently the Syrian army controls the border east of the Euphrates River and Russian attacks on ISIS supply convoys coming from the border crossing town of Öncüpınar in NW Syria are thus attacks on ISIS's remaining supply line.

Map courtesy U.S. Air Force, Office of Public Affairs.

Lehner thinks U.S. alarm over this development is the reason for the Turkish attack on the Russian aircraft. That the U.S. requested this Turkish action is more plausible than that the Turks decided to risk Russian retaliation on their own. It just is.

Do read Lehner's thoughts on the likely Russian-Syrian strategy which will sever the ISIS supply line so deviously left intact by the U.S.[2]

This flow of "aid" from Turkey into Syria has been well known to the U.S. (or "NATO" if you prefer). JSTARS aircraft were used in Libya and it beggars the imagination that they have not been used in Syria a mere 1,300 miles away (or a mere 67 miles from Incirlik AFB). These were the aircraft used during the Gulf Wars that clearly could track every bicycle and jackrabbit on the roads of Iraq.

Even without that, it's rumored that the U.S. has pilotless drones, as well as an extensive network of surveillance satellites on the moon that surely could not have missed the extensive truck traffic necessary to supply a terrorist "army" of, what?, tens of thousands of troops. Don't mind me. I'm just an amateur intelligence analyst here, but isn't the scale of that kind of resupply effort classifiable as "noticeable"?

Unless you've been in a coma for the last two years, it's sort of obvious that the fix was in:

Vladimir Putin put the kibosh on this Punahou kabuki con job and it will now soon appear that he is the new Hitler bent on world domination. And Bill O'Reilly can go back to calling him Pooty Poo. To Charles Krauthammer's great relief.

[1] "Washington Is Panicking That Putin Is Breaking the ISIS Supply Line." By Michael Lehner, Russia Insider, 12/2/15.
[2] We were "shocked" to find out ISIS resupply operations were freely running up and down Syria's sparse network of roads. I mean, who the fuck knew that ISIS trucks would stay on the one asphalt road instead of stealth drive overland through the desert in the sand? Or is it two roads? Whoa. A 100% increase in the complexity of the intelligence assessment! I'm thinking the Russians read the Journal of the North American Sunbathing Association and had it all figured out on the back of an envelope within two days of the mobile officer's club serving its first drink in Latakia. Za zdorovie, bichez!
[3] People who drive trucks for an organization that burns captured pilots alive, rapes hostages, makes sex slaves of Yazidi women, and revels in chopping off heads of captured soldiers and shooting them are not "innocents" but that's just me. But not in the view of the U.S. government. By their standard, Obama and the U.S. political leadership who have created misery and destruction in aid of their unclean "regime change" campaign in Syria are innocents as well, which is not likely to be discussed by the MSM anytime soon. I suppose we should be thankful the drivers weren't offered a green card and an Earned Income Credit if they file by April 15.

Original article here: NEO Presse.

Correction (12/23/15): Öncüpınar is in NW Syria not the NE as I wrote initially. Corrected to NW.


Unknown said...

Islam is going to produce the foot soldiers of the Left. Where else were they going to find an army?

Col. B. Bunny said...

The left invariably reminds me of the story of the frog and the scorpion. They are persuasive and have moved politics where they are the most agreeable to them, but the sting is built in to what they have worked for. Either an extinguishment of liberty, the dangers of which they do not even dimly appreciate, or a takeover by their Muslim "allies" who will enslave them along with the rest of the infidels should they and the left prevail.

Unknown said...

Colonel, every revolution had its class of soldiers. The French had the disenfranchised peasantry as did the Russians and Chinese. Marx envisioned the proletariat in Europe to do the fighting. However, the West has become totally soft and devoid of passion for which they will take risks. Some say, the black underclass is Obama's revolutionary army ('black lives matter') but I feel the welfare state has undercut their zeal. As some commentators have said, 94 million unemployed but everyone is eating. I see only one large angry class of fighters who conveniently are not death adverse. Don't know how they envision harnessing this force but do know that Mooslems are a preeminent voting block in all leftist governments. First the vote then the sword. O is the worst traitor in American history and possibly the history of the nation state.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Andy, your last sentence is just stone cold fact. The W. European and U.K. leaders are a centimeter behind him but at least they aren't mediocre, choomer homosexuals plucked out of obscurity by Soros and central casting. Seeing that freak in the WH is like seeing a giraffe in the subway.

The Muslim foot soldiers and third-world voters have been the plan for a long time. Now I look at the ultra left people who call themselves my fellow citizens and I think too it's just not possible to fathom the depth of their stupidity, their mendacity, their naivete, their opportunism, their parasitic motivation, their moral obtuseness (anal intercourse a sacrament!), and their malevolence.