Sunday, December 27, 2015

Irrefutable dynamics of Muslim populations in Western countries.

Knuckles stated my own observation and I've often wondered why it hasn't been pointed out more in the past. "Peaceful Muslims" cannot complain or protest the actions of violent Muslims. They simply will be killed. Therefore the percentage of Muslims in any society who are violent is irrelevant to a peaceful majority. Any Muslim society or immigrant Muslim population is hostage to its deadliest members.
Comment by orck on "Islam & The West – 'Moving Towards A Head-On Collision.'" By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 12/25/2015.


Anonymous said...

It's a pretty good reason. But, it's a piss-poor excuse.

Reg T said...

That still doesn't explain why so many of them dance in the street after a 9/11, London, Madrid, Paris, or slaughter of an Israeli family with children.

For those in "host" countries, I lean toward taqiyya, myself. And, as I've said before, the muslims themselves say if you don't obey the qur'an, you aren't a muslim. So quit calling yourself one if that's the case.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Agreed, Anon. Orck identifies the baseline, the Islamic lizard brain. The poll numbers among Muslims of who supports terrorists and who want shariah are the other shoe that drops. Horrible mixing of metaphors doesn't obscure the truth of that, however. Muslims are kind of like dogs on a chain. The chain is the influence of the deadliest members. The dog can move about and roam over some area but invariably the chain will wrap one way round the post and the chain eventually removes all choice. Or the dog can only go far before it's yanked back. "Haven't seen you at the mosque lately, Abdul. See you there next time?"

Any shaving or modifying of doctrine is bid'ah or denial of "a matter on which there is scholarly consensus." Viz., heresy. Fasad, irtidad, riddah, and zandaka. All referring to fiddling with doctrine that can get you killed. (Just from a list I compiled. I don't pretend to know the nuances but I get the idea -- the 11th-c. version is it and don't think of changing anything.)

Col. B. Bunny said...

Reg, there's a great deal of support for the jihadi garbage. If you live in a Muslim ghetto or no-go zone your attitudes and intentions are clear. Islam by definition requires its adherents to see themselves as superior. Infidels always will be "other" and any injury inflicted on them is an occasion for celebration. "Palestinian" behavior in Gaza is another good indicator.