Friday, December 11, 2015

Tiberge on feminists.

Women all over Europe have been raped, gang-raped and [harassed] for decades. But feminists are anti-West, anti-tradition, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-men and in general anti-common sense, and little can be expected of them except the destruction of the moral code we used to live by. For this reason, they land in the same bed with the Muslims.
"Backlash against Marine." By Tiberge, GalliaWatch, 12/8/15.


Reg T said...

I haven't been connected to any form of broadcast, cable, or satellite TV since 1987. I don't listen to the radio or read newspapers. What news I do get is via a limited number of sites on the Web.

Even so, I have never heard of any feminists attacking muslims (or male Hindus) for _their_ culture of rape, or the many other ways they abuse and even kill women. Have any of the better-known feminist mouth pieces spoken out against muslims, and I just didn't catch it? Do they talk about the fact that 100% (yes, I know it is hard to believe) of the rapes in Oslo, Norway are perpetrated by muslims - excuse me, "Asian" men? None of them Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Pilipino, although Pakistan is heavily represented. Do they protest female genital mutilation? Women being stoned to death because they were brutally raped, which "makes" them adulteresses?

Yes, there are too many men who are rapists, child molesters, wife beaters, incestuous, and otherwise vile creatures. But mohammed made those acts legal, completely acceptable and normal when he created islam. He institutionalized rape, child rape, boy rape, incest, beatings and the killing of woman, girls, even daughters via "honor" killing. The Ayatollah Khomeini wrote a two-volume book on islamic codes of conduct which included this little gem: "It is acceptable for a man to slake his lust with an infant, but he must penetrate it anally. If he penetrates it vaginally and causes damage, he must provide for its subsistence for the rest of its life, although it will not count as one of his four wives."

Forgive me if I posted this link before but this is the very essence of why islam needs to be eradicated and why feminists - if they weren't completely FOS - should be protesting against islam 24/7:

And that was the imam's own daughter. Where is Gloria Steinem when you need her? Would Whoopie consider this "rape-rape"? If they don't have the courage to call out islam for its treatment of women, girls, and infants, they should shut the hell up.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's a righteous comment, Reg T. Yesterday, I watched a video about how air conditioning is sexist. A while ago I read an article about Femen demons comitting hideous acts in a French cathedral. That religion drives them beserk but what you describe leaves them relaxed and content.

It's part and parcel with all the other outrages of modern Western life. It borders on the satanic. It resonates with omething unclean in the souls of these freaks.

Anonymous said...

Sad it is, that in so many ways; satan has won souls simply by convincing them he doesn’t exist. I've said before, perhaps you don't believe satan exists, and wants to destroy you. But he does, and will, if you let him. And if you live in western civilization, and don't think you are at war with Islam; islam is at war with you - your believing it is not relevant. Scripture is appropriate here, I think..
Proverbs 23:9 Speak not in the ears of a fool; for he will despise the wisdom of thy words. Grandpa sends...

Col. B. Bunny said...

Grandpa, the smugness of the left in the face of the facts is depressing. The record of leftist brutality and evil in the last century is clear. Yet there is NO liberal person whom I have ever known personally who has ever so much as mentioned that. Not one. No exceptions. But the leftist clamor for ever more powerful government never ceases. It's like a grossly obese person not knowing that they are fat. It seems to me to be on that same level of willful ignorance.

I'm not religious in any way and I have never seen any evidence of God's interest or interference in human affairs. Chance or human agency are completely satisfactory explanations for everything in my view. That said, what is happening in the world today is alarmingly consistent with the operation of a powerful and malevolent intelligence. The deliberate and pointless degradation of high Western civilization cannot be explained by human weakness, excessive sentimentality, or intellectual failure. Western leaders have embraced pathetically stupid ideas about human beings and history and made them the centerpiece of their policies. They are so laughable, so stupid, and so destructive that they simply cannot be the result of anything other than a knowing embrace of destruction, economic ruin, and massive bloodshed. The hyenas who pass for Western leaders know exactly how ghastly the leftist record is but proceed to duplicate the result deliberately.

There is massive ignorance abroad among the people, but many are immoral in that they embrace legislative socialist theft. How the people would react if the MSM and the movies produced something more informative than "right-wing Nazis," "right-wing Nazis," "right-wing Nazis," "right-wing Nazis," "right-wing Nazis," "right-wing Nazis," and "right-wing Nazis" I cannot say. The East Europeans seem to have embraced sanity, no doubt informed by their recent experience of undistilled leftism.