Thursday, December 3, 2015

Quickies: Our Latest Islam-Powered Massacre

     Is there anything to be said about the facts of yesterday’s massacre in San Bernardino that no one has said yet? In a word, no. But there’s plenty to be said about its implications. In particular, the opening of the Western world to violent savages from other lands has destroyed the quaint notions we once had about “safety.” More, there remains no appreciable possibility that Muslims can be civilized. Therefore they must not be admitted to or accommodated in the nations of the Christian Enlightenment. However, we are endangered equally if not more by our left-liberal fifth column:

  1. True to form, rather than blame the perpetrators and their vicious creed, left-liberal mouthpieces have claimed that “angry political rhetoric” has created a climate that “breeds acts of violence.” Anything not to recognize the fatuity of admitting Muslims to the West.
  2. The same left-liberal mouthpieces have leaped to assert that the massacre justifies the abrogation of Second Amendment rights. They are worse than vultures, shamelessly exploiting the blood of others for a totalitarian political agenda.
  3. The disgraceful exploitation of the matter by the NY Daily News reveals its true agenda too starkly for the barons of the press to dispute.
  4. Barack Hussein Obama, who goes nowhere without a heavily armed security force but seeks to take the guns away from the rest of us, while simultaneously hoping to inflict thousands more Muslims upon us, is a lying poltroon who deserves to be stranded on an ice floe in the Arctic with a basketball, his golf clubs, and his favorite Teleprompter.

     Just now I’m off to Mass. More anon.

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Brinster said...

Gun control? Eff that. We need Muslim control.