Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Socialism as poison.

They invited the world in. And the world is coming to enjoy the lavish fruits of their welfare states and, one day, will be using the West’s concept of one-man, one-vote to rule the countries that ruled their ancestors.

The colonized are slowly becoming the conquerors.

The challenge of ISIS is not entirely unhealthy. It will tell us whether Europe has the will to survive.[1]

The West's mad embrace of the universal franchise, equality, and, later, multiculturalism ensured that nations would become kleptocracies. Large numbers of citizens were easily convinced of the socialist fairy tale that capitalism is a system of exploitation at home and abroad. Then it was a simple matter to convince them that (1) "they," the "capitalists" and, as it turns out, (2) their vital, productive neighbors, "owed" them a life free of economic worries. If socialists could advance by exploiting other grievances, they did so, but their basic principle has proved to have had the broadest appeal and to be the most enduring.

Leftists were always eager for coercive power for its own sake as well as for power to facilitate their utopian, elitist plans for "the masses." Thus, they were more than happy to inspire and feed the resentment and sense of entitlement of these citizens. The notion that one could legally extract money from hard-working fellow citizens through the ballot box became entrenched, even though people who held this view would have recoiled from the notion that they might forcibly extract the same funds from their productive fellow citizens directly.

Any sensible person who attempts to warn of the immorality of this new approach to government, or even of the advisability of establishing a kind of a ceiling on the extraction process, soon learns the truth of the adage that you cannot convince a man of a truth of a proposition if his job depends on believing the opposite of that proposition.

The arrival of the occasional third-world immigrant was a matter to be celebrated by leftist elites for he or she could be added to the electoral tallies to help build crucial swing vote blocs, if not absolute majorities of, the indolent and resentful. The blinding beauty of this seemingly perpetual extractive process explains the inability of leftist ideologues -- and their stable of compliant, indolent, and resentful morons – to see that what justifies voting as an instrument of "social justice" also enables the smiling foreigner to upend the entire nation by demanding "minor" adjustments and concessions from the host country until the day comes that there are a very great many non-so-smiley foreigners in very hamlet and on every street corner. And the demands are not so minor.

This is a quite muscular system in place in the West and anyone who doubts this can search for web images of AntiFa thugs -- the first responders of all Western governments -- in action in any country you may wish to name. In this sense, the left is quite manly in its willingness to protect the status quo. Someone in the West has clearly "manned up." It's just that it's the wrong people who have.

It is true that those who see the civilizational destruction in all of this need to man up, as Mr. Buchanan hopes. However, I am not convinced that non-parasitic Westerners would be more combative if there were a renewal of the Christian faith or if they were less materialistic or hedonistic. Very few things have stood between the agnostic (but respectful and appreciative) Col. Bunny and a good time and I like my fine automobile with 440,000 miles very much. We are close. The same for my tools and my computer toys indeed. Stuff! However, that same man very much enjoyed his time in the military and has a keen interest in all things military to this day. I don't see the conflict.

No. The thing that keeps Westerners pulling the lever for the Treason Class politicians and all that they engineer is the sheer power of the notion of justifiable redistribution as sold to Westerners over 100 years of socialist indoctrination, subversion, and treason. That power is what explains the inertia of Westerners and why the patriot parties advance at election time, each and every time, only by baby steps.

Muslims invaders in Sweden have turned Sweden into the rape capital of the world second only to some southern African Bantustan. Yet, even when foreigners are raping their women, Swedish voters still lick the boots of the Social Democrats and their pals.

That is some kind of power to make one as craven as that.

So, bottom line, people like the AntiFa scum in the picture above and their tacit supporters will not on their own come to some kind of an epiphany about the errors of their ways. When their ATM machine spits out bugger all, that will be the day of many honest and sincere re-evaluations. After a short interlude of arson, looting, and murder.

[1] "The Issue of the Century. Will Europe Man Up?" By Patrick J. Buchanan, Taki's Mag, 11/24/15.

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