Monday, January 29, 2018

A Book I Think Is Worth Reading

The priest at my church did something really neat - he read a book, and decided to buy a copy for each of of his parishioners.  It's call Kingdom of Happiness, subtitle Living the Beatitudes in Everyday Life.

I've been dipping into it, a little at a time. I'm set to lead the book discussion group next month at our church. So far, I've gotten a lot out of it.

This is also my day to recommend an app that is easy to use, and quite useful. It's Zoho Notebook. There are a few notebooks around - Evernote, OneNote, many others. Zoho is the best, as it's easy to use, cross-platform and accessible on all your devices, and not junked up with cool-sounding features that you won't need, and that suck up a lot of speed.

Trust me. Download it. You won't regret it.

I've been following the situation in Scandanavia, where the dramatic change in those countries directly followed the encouragement of Muslim immigration. One of the most evident results is the Non-integration of those populations into Scandinavian culture. They are like oil and water; just not mixing, but running two parallel societies. Had Enough Therapy has a horrible story. 

Last, I want to suggest that you check out Family Circles, a relatively new social media site that has some potential to reap some of the benefits of the activity, without all the Drama Queen behaviors. I'm crossing my fingers that they manage to keep out the SJWs. If they do, it's an alternative platform for the rest of us, that just want to connect without being forced to become "woke".

I do use Gab, sometimes. Their "Open to Everyone" approach, without censorship, is the extreme response to the PC stuff (see how I'm playing nice? I said stuff instead of cr@p). Over time, I have some concern that the extreme contingent might drive others away. But, for now, it's another choice of Twitter-like posting.

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