Saturday, January 6, 2018

Pearls of expression.

THAT - was no fucking tweet storm.

More like a tweet breeze, tweet shower, or tweet sleet.

A true tweet storm is like a Gotterdammerung thunder and lightning Sharknado fucking laser beam killfest. [1]

Now we know.

I find the whole concept of the “tweet” repellent. National life as mediated by “So’s your mother” mind blurts. It’s much better to craft lengthy articles that reveal the full depth of your imbecility. It is cool that the president can stir the pot without having to go through the lying MSM but here I’m thinking there ought to be something like a cheerleader or cooking show host to raise some red flags before the president can hit the “send” button. Something like, "Mr. President, people don’t often come right out and say publicly that they are genius-level intellects." Not good.

Well, give me a pres with some quirks and idiosyncrasies who keeps things friendly with Russia, kicks out every last illegal alien (?), and dumps the stupid American lusting after a “unipolar world” and war, war, war. There are a lot more circumspect and suave types out there that run the European Union, for example, and they busy themselves with the destruction of their own kind. Call me crazy but that just doesn't seem to be on the Trump agenda.

The lies of Hillary Rodham about Benghazi and her bathroom server for classified emails are a lot more disturbing than Mr. Trump’s quirkiness. But it’s the last the MSM will go nuts over and not Hillary and her pay-to-play operation run through the Clinton Foundation.

[1] Comment by Silvergeddon on "In Tweetstorm, Trump Defends His Sanity: 'I Am A Very Stable Genius.'" By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 1/6/18.

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