Monday, January 8, 2018

More on Fusion and Other Government Issues

Not nuclear, but GPS Fusion - the ones that attempted to throw the 2016 election by posting "Fake News" about Trump.

Here's a cry for Obama to "Let It Go". Your party lost - Get Over It.

Too many in government have been co-opted by the political part of it. I'm in agreement that it's time to Drain the Swamp - and, a large part of that is to reduce the size of these agencies. Trump has focused on a major reason the size of the bureaucracies have swelled - too many regulations. He's cut many of them, and should focus on reducing more.

If there is less work (in the form of enforcing regulations), there will be less need for many of the Swamp Creatures. When I refer to federal employees that way, I'm merely noting that some of them - not all - were hired as a way of paying off supporters with a cushy job.

As the President would say, "That's sad." And, it is. To place a person in a position that they, and everyone around them, know was meant primarily to provide what amounts to - in their case - as a type of welfare check (although, a gigantic one), undermines their dignity as a human being. They use their position, not to learn something useful, but to provide services for the person that put them there.

At this point, we have at least twice as many people as would be needed in the most optimistic appraisal - the number is likely 5 or more times the quantity necessary.

How can you get rid of them without pushback?
  • Reduce the regs - their position can then be eliminated outright.
  • Attrition - as people leave, don't replace their job.
  • If the position is necessary, hire from outside, with someone you can trust.
  • Eliminate the time off for union business - they can take care of it on their own time.
  • Outsource - use temps for jobs not having access to sensitive information or areas.
But, the biggest part of this is the first. Eliminate positions.

The Whole "Trump is Crazy" Thing - I've been hearing a lot of this lately (perhaps more as Trump's "Wins" start to accelerate). Dilbert's creator, Scott Adams, a man who has some knowledge of dealing with political maneuvering in the workplace, and the War of Words that is part of it, adds in his perspective.

FWIW, I think this guy has a realistic viewpoint on Trump and how he operates.

And, now, Just for FUN, here's some good ones - From Single Dad Laughing. If you don't check him out, you're missing one of the funniest sites on the web.

For all my friends with more than 2 kids. Bless you.

And, why do I think of Meryl Streep when I see this?

Actually, NOT true for me, but - a WHOLE lot of people I know are in this situation.

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