Friday, January 12, 2018

The No Sleep Blues

     When I was a wee lad, I resisted bedtime, as so many wee lads do, because I was afraid I might miss something. Miss what? Why, whatever it was that the grownups were doing while I was in the arms of Morpheus. They got to stay up, and apparently they had reasons to do so. I was certain they were keeping a secret, and determined to learn it.

     Eventually I did learn it, of course: They watched television. Boring television, without primary colors or talking animals! I couldn’t quite believe it, at first. Six whole channels to choose from, and not one of them showed Looney Tunes, Crusader Rabbit, or Rocky and Bullwinkle so my parents would have a good reason for staying up late. Where was their competitive spirit?

     Well, here I am in my sixties, duly authorized to stay up as late as I like, and I’m nearly always in bed by 9:00 PM. Why not? There are 200-plus channels available to me, and the programming is even worse than the boring crap my parents watched!

     You’d think the barons of TV land would learn something after six decades of accumulated failure. But not one of those 200-plus channels airs cartoons after about 8:00 PM. What fools!

     I arose after a night of tossing, turning, and arthritis pain to learn that the gravest of all the concerns facing the nation isn’t any of the various things I’d imagined, but rather that the president of the United States used a bad word. Well, at least he’s alleged to have used a bad word. Moreover, he used it to describe other countries that have been sending their human refuse to our shores. And the Main Stream Media, as always, is agog about it.

     I have but one question: Why?

     Let’s be as candid as possible, shall we? The majority of the recognized nations of the world are shitholes. The whole of Africa, most of Asia, and most of South America qualify by any objective standard. Moreover, they’re multidimensional shitholes:

  • They’re political shitholes, ruled by kleptocrats and devoid of freedom for the common man;
  • They’re economic shitholes, where men’s productivity is suppressed and ordinary citizens must go to black markets for necessities;
  • They’re cultural shitholes, where what arts and entertainment are available to the public is either offensive or worthless.

     (An aside: With a couple of exceptions, the nations of Europe are steadily degenerating to shitholes, owing to their insane, anti-capitalist “European Union” central government and their openness to “refugees” from Islamic shitholes. They might not “be there” just yet, but present trends continuing it won’t take much longer. Read Caliphate for a glimpse of what would follow. End of aside.)

     So if the claim is accurate, as is his wont President Donald Trump has expressed an inarguable truth. The barons of the media have chosen to disapprove of his language, though when such language or worse issues from the mouth of a Democrat they have no problem with it. (Remember Joe Biden’s “big fucking deal” -- ?) Yet the truth of it remains.

     The best gauge of a country’s stature among the world’s nations is its ratio of immigrants to emigrants. The U.S. has a negligible emigration rate. However, the desire to immigrate to this country is demonstrably very high, as is evident from the pressure against our borders and the presence here of millions of illegal aliens.

     People trapped in shitholes want to leave them for non-shitholes. Non-shitholes have a duty to their citizens to resist such tides. Previous administrations have shirked that duty, which is why Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th president of these United States... rhetorical preferences and all.

     Christ told us to judge the tree by the fruit it bears. As you would expect from the Son of God, that’s a fine standard for judging just about anything people espouse or do. Which brings me to why, despite having made the acquaintance of two apparently sane and well adjusted transwomen, I continue to think that the transgender phenomenon is largely a psychotic perversity:

     Many of my Gentle Readers are averse to watching embedded videos. I understand completely; I’m not keen on them myself. Please make an exception for this one. Blaire White is both courageous and trustworthy, and the story she has to tell is vitally important.

     I’m at work on a novel that extends and amplifies the motifs in my futanari stories (“A Place Of Our Own,” “One Small Detail,” and “A Daughter Of The County,” all available at Amazon) and my novel Innocents. I’ve received hate mail for those works from transsexual activists who dislike that a “normal” should dare to explore the transgender phenomenon through such a lens. The upcoming novel will explore the subject of transsexuals in “sex work” among other things, so I expect I’ll get more. What Blaire narrates in her video is a large part of my motivation.

     At this time, at least 75% of transgender transitions are from male to female: i.e., biological men who opt to live as women. Some unknown percentage of them do so, at least in part, because of the market for transwomen as prostitutes.

     Imagine an effeminate young man, badly beaten down by his contemporaries for not being sufficiently masculine. Imagine that he’s internalized their contempt for him -- i.e., that he now sees himself as a low creature with no prospects. But wait: He knows, or strongly suspects, that with just a bit of “work” he’d make a passable woman. And he knows further that there's at least one “industry” in which transwomen, especially “pre-op” transwomen, make decent livings. Is it conceivable that that could make the difference in his decision?

     Take into account the multimillion dollar sex tourism industry, a significant portion of which explicitly exists to connect transwoman prostitutes to clients. It's hardly a secret these days. Moreover a portion of that industry exists to facilitate marriages between men and transwomen...and the men are usually very well-to-do.

     Blaire’s tale indicates that the “trans community” – at least, the activist part of it that engages with new transwomen seeking counsel – encourages involvement in the sex-for-hire trade. Cheery? Scary? Or just “one of those things?”

Cracks rack the windows,
Howls hold the floor;
Rains rot the rafters,
And do you just have to snore?
It's a most inclement climate,
For the season of the night,
Is that mouse playing football, oh
I thought they didn't like the light?

And the dawn comes sneaking up
When it thinks I'm not looking;
I am starting to grieve, man,
I used to know but now I believe, man.
They tell me sleep is a gas,
And I want to lay down,
But I'm sorry I woke you,
I mean I've got the no sleep blues.

[Robin Williamson, for the Incredible String Band]

     I had a very bad night. Everyone has them now and then, including Curmudgeons Emeriti. That might serve to explain the above to any Gentle Reader wondering at it. Perhaps I’ll be back in form tomorrow. Until then, be well.


Pascal said...

Before this I saw the pronoun brouhaha as agit-prop alone whose purpose was to allow the mainstream to forge new speech laws.

One of the things Blair hinted at was the risk transpeople pose for those whom might hire them, making more likely they choose to go sex-worker. These "support" community she exposed strike me as remarkably similar to GOPe wanting open borders: people down and out will accept lower paying jobs.

But wait, there's more.

Another reason for the education to push trans as a legit choice is the Neo-Malthusian influence. Those who adopt the homosexual route will largely use their sexual energy for non-procreative sex. But trans -- that is a non-reversible decision. Sterilization with an eye towards normalizing eugenics was the biggest wish of the Classical Progressive movement. When they got blow-back for it, they switched gears*. Well, trans-surgery is their wet-dream come true -- non-reversible self-sterilization.

And bonus: should the trans person later regret that decision, possibly forced on them by peer pressure (see what Blair was able to fight off with some luck), they will be inclined towards bitterness and resentment.

But the resentment almost certainly will not be for to those who made the peer pressure possible. It will be for those who have had children. Check on the status of educrats and child protective service members and shudder should you find a large percentage of those are resentful in this manner and serving in a policy making position.

Anyway, self-sterilization is the fondest dream of Neo-Malthusians and other misanthropes.

I wonder if Blair has considered where her thinking may go say in 20 years. If she finds herself feeling bitter, I hope she tries to adopt a child -- and then instill in him or her the painfully wizened words in "The House of the Rising Sun: "Mothers tell your children, don't do what I have done...."

*See HGWells "The Open Conspiracy" for how he convinced Margaret Sanger to concentrate on liberating women from "the forbidden fruit" that they would make abortion appear to be, and for which they knew they'd get tremendous aid both from current normal society (all called reactionaries) and from those who dogmatically decried abortion in all instances.

Ed Bonderenka said...

The house of The Rising Sun.... Fitting after a night of no sleep.

Amy Bowersox said...

Um...I have no desire to engage in sex work. There are so many risks in that--very real physical as well as health and legal risks. Nor do I have a need to do so; I'm well-paid for my work as a software developer, and, far from looking to get rid of me, my manager is hinting at setting goals for me to ensure that I can be promoted. And, as far as I know, no one has "encouraged me" to be involved in the sex-for-hire trade; quite the contrary, in fact.

Of course, I don't know how close you consider "drag performance" is to "sex work." But I do that for charity purposes, along with many other people; in fact, two days before Christmas, I helped run a drag show that raised $500 for a local battered women's shelter.

I do acknowledge that my experience is probably atypical, and closer to that of, say, Caitlyn Jenner than to those trans women that work as prostitutes. In fact, I've said elsewhere that, in terms of privilege (and I hate using that word because it's so politically loaded these days, but there's no better one that fits here), Ms. Jenner's magnitude is vastly greater than mine, but our vectors point the same direction.

MMinWA said...

I've been beveling glass all my life(or so it seems) sometimes in cold weather and with cold water. Arthritis was an inevitable companion. Many years ago I began eating raw turmeric root. I continue to hand bevel without arthritis.