Thursday, January 25, 2018

Who’s thinking strategically?

It isn’t we us.
Schiff then says the problem is also unfunded liabilities such as social security and Medicare. He says that China doesn’t have any of those. The Chinese rely on themselves, have disposable income, and save 30% of their income and taxes are almost nothing to keep businesses booming. While Americans pay a lot of taxes, save only 3%, live paycheck to paycheck, and rely on the deeply indebted government. Becoming self-reliant and preparing yourself for this crash will give you a hand up in during the dollar’s collapse.[1]
Beyond that, there’s an extraordinary brittleness to our society founded on an unwillingness to deal with simple facts and a determination to ignore all the lessons of our history:
  • millions of people not working;
  • massive government debt to keep the entitlements flowing;
  • crony capitalism;
  • pointless foreign wars;
  • deliberate policies hostile to fossil fuels and emphasizing fairy-tale “alternative” energy;
  • ruinous globalism including an utterly mad evisceration of the nation’s manufacturing industry;
  • suicidal multiculturalism;
  • slavish adulation of government;
  • fawning over minorities and foreigners;
  • bankrupt pension systems;
  • a confused elite despised by the people and hostile to every fundamental value of the nation and its culture;
  • MSM that are are nothing but propaganda organs of the elite;
  • total blindness regarding the true scourge of the last century and the economic and cultural pitfalls of socialism;
  • an unnatural, expensive relationship with Israel that persistently went to bat for its spy in our ranks, Jonathan Pollard, shopped his product (our SIOP) to the Soviet Union, and deliberately attacked one of our warships;
  • government and MSM mendacity on matters of sexual “identity”;
  • ceaseless Hollywood and media promotion of anti-white themes, miscegenation, homosexuality, and feminism;
  • a mendacious, baseless promotion of the notion of a hostile, aggressive Russia;
  • a bizarre, willful blindness to the realities of plain-vanilla Islam and consequent self-abasement from the use of terms like “Islamism,” “Islamist,” “radical Islamist,” “radical jihadi terror,” “moderate Islam,” and “workplace violence”;
  • unbelievable arrogance about our role in the world and our “indispensable” “leadership”;
  • governments at all levels utterly unable and unwilling to deal with simple street crime and commie AntiFa street violence;
  • elite promotion of punishment for and suppression of “hate speech” and other degradations of First Amendment freedoms;
  • willful blindness as to the failure of the civil rights revolution and existence of black hatred;
  • monetary policy in the hands of anonymous, unaccountable owners of the Federal Reserve;
  • mindless, uncontrolled federal spending;
  • a multifaceted war on the family and promotion of every conceivable public policy to make having children ruinously expensive;
  • domination by an intellectually debased and politically hostile political correctness;
  • viciousness, dishonesty, and stupidity on the issue of global cooling global warming climate change climate disruption;
  • ”one dollar, one vote” electoral politics;
  • official indifference to vote fraud;
  • viciousness, mawkishness, and down-to-the-bone stupidity on immigration; and, above all,
  • a diseased notion of rightful Supreme Court constitutional innovation and the total abandonment of the Constitution by the legal and political classes, thus creating the unaccountable, unreachable federal government that is the threat to liberty, prosperity, and peace that the Founders, Ratifiers, and people of 1791 were determined to avoid.
What, it’s reasonable ask, could go wrong?

[1] "Peter Schiff: 'We're Near The Endgame... And Trump's Gonna Be The Fall Guy.'" By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 1/23/18.

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