Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Little Late With This

But, I have a REALLY good reason.

I have a monster cold. Not just little sniffles, but the kind of respiratory infection where you can barely raise your head from your pillow for the better part of a week. This is the first time in a week that I've been vertical for more than an hour or so at a time.

Yeah, New Year's Eve was NOT exciting.

My plan is to publish three times a week - MWF, at 8 am. I'm working on getting some pieces ready to go. This is the best I can do until then.

Iran is in the headlines. The protests are smaller, but the regime seems to be more concerned about them (could it be that - unlike the previous president - Trump's response is not predictable?).

I'm on the fence about this one. I don't have a problem with SOME support for the Iranian rebels, but REALLY don't want US troops or advisors involved. I'm for keeping the CIA away from active participation in this, as well. I trust the CIA about as much as HRC - in other words, not at all.

It looks like CNN (and a LOT of Elites) have misjudged the prevailing ethos of Americans. Yeah, they're relatively tolerant of occasional use of pot, particularly among post-high school young people. They are less so, if the person has a responsible position, or their use crosses the line of once in a while to frequent.

The average American would not think this blatant promotion of marijuana to be appropriate, nor worthy of network time.

It's funny - the places where the Legalize Pot Movement is big are also those areas where everything else - alcohol, tobacco, trash, possibly non-PC words, water use, land use, and commercial activity - is HEAVILY regulated. The rest of the country is generally live-and-let-live about those other personal choices.

Yet, they are the "tolerant ones".

It's only a short time until this happens.

BTW, Ladies - you don't have balls. Unless you're a "Woman", who has not had the necessary surgery.

Prediction: By the year 2050, women are going to get a LOT more cranky. Entrepreneurs might want to build separate, heavily armed safe houses for men in danger of attack.


furball said...

All three of the links in your post gave me an "access denied" error.

MMinWA said...

Reefer is not benign, especially to developing brains yet legalizing it is condoning it's use. Anything to keep churning out idiots I guess.

Linda Fox said...

Not sure what happened, furball. I just tried them again, and they all worked. It might be your setting for pop-ups or similar thing.

Linda Fox said...

I agree, MMinLamesa. I worked with kids who suffered long-term diminishment of cognitive functioning (hopefully, not permanent).

Try it a few times? Probably not too harmful. Once/twice a year? Probably not a problem.

Weekly use? Surprisingly, even that often seems to lead to structural damage.

The biggest problem is in the math/logical areas - ironically, the part of the brain that is most needed in jobs today.