Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jeez, I Almost Missed Posting!

I'm getting back into the swing of things after my illness. My head is clearer without all of that disgusting snot in it.

I picked up a new doctor yesterday - young, female, very good communication skills, and eager to get me feeling better. She also is working to get me a replacement medication for that one that is WAY over the top in price.

I do realize that drug companies need to recover their costs. However great the med is, price, for most of us, dictates whether or not we will use such meds on an ongoing basis. For a one-shot med, maybe.

For regular use - uh-uh.

It was nice today. The South is undergoing Snowmageddon - otherwise known by Yankees as a mild winter day - so I spent most of the day with my husband. I also cleared off my desk, organized some paperwork, and cleaned up the kitchen.

Didn't bother to look at the "news". For all I know, they're still going nuts about that Sh!thole remark - whether or not that's an accurate quote, or not.

My take?


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Linda;

Yep we in the south are going through snowmageddon, south of Atlanta we got snow...Snow..? But since I have driven in snow in Germany for 5 years I have picked up a few tricks, LOL

As far as the drug companies goes...I don't mind them making money...Just not all on me. if you know what I am saying.

Linda Fox said...

You're right about the drug companies. They certainly have the right to a profit, I just wish the health insurance companies would balance their need to keep solvent with the fact that SOME of the newer drugs are vastly more effective than the old ones. Providing cheaper access saves money in the long run, as asthma is a leading cause of medical visits and hospitalization.