Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Just us chickens and Canadian diversity politics.

A Quote From Our Friends Down Under

The Australian traditionalist and reactionary group Sydney Trads, in its "The Year in Review: 2017, Year of the Hate Hoax, the Heckler’s Veto and the Persecuted ‘Oppressor’", included the following:

2017 was the year of Schrodinger’s ethnicity: Whites apparently exist as an identifiable category if they are being attacked, mocked, ridiculed or blamed for something, but also do not exist as a legitimate category of self-identification when a representative defends their interests as a group.

That is liberalism’s essential self-contradiction on race all summed up in a nutshell. Nicely done.[1]

Mr. Neal's blog, Throne, Altar and Liberty, from which this passage is taken is an erudite defender of monarchy and traditional Canada and always worth reading for insight into better alternatives to the rule of people focused on getting an Obama pho.

I highly recommend the portion of his post that follows the one above -- Justin Trudeau’s Nightmare -- as a penetrating insight into Canadian diversity politics and the Liberal Party scum who indulge in it. Reading about the progress of such politics in Canada and, in particular, the tie-in there to massive immigration makes the goals and policies of the Democrat Party in the U.S. that much clearer. Simple treachery.

Western civilization is being torn apart by race-based politics and a pursuit of short-term political advantage in the name of a failed, murderous socialism regardless of collateral cost. The traitors may hold the view that it’s better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven but there is little regard for the idea that first-world systems require first-world thinking and discipline simply to maintain them. Resurrection from the dead is a skill set in short supply.

National borders were a short hand way of distinguishing between sense and nonsense (or worse) in foreign cultures, countries, and tribes. They allowed the native to be indifferent to foreign ideas and ways if they so chose. They did not have to waste a minute of their time trying to make a fair assessment of, say, Islamic culture, and try to square the circle of how people of completely foreign and reprehensible cultures could be integrated into their own society. Say whu? Who says it's a borderless world and diversity is mankind's destiny?

Why exactly is my brain now polluted with honor killing, female genital mutilation, vigilante murder for apostasy, the idea that the infidel as on a par with blood, excrement, and dead bodies, and the concept that shariah law is superior to the U.S. Constitution? But it is and such things are forced into my consciousness by the entirely poisonous and unnecessary presence of massive numbers of Muslims in my country and other countries formerly bastions of white, Western civilization. The idea of integration with large numbers of people from inferior cultures, is just preposterous but it’s holy writ in just about any Western country you want to name.

So the hell that’s implicit in the (Canadian) Liberal or Democrat or Merkel/Macron vision for the future isn’t really contemplated, such is the desire for political power. The idea may roll around in some heads that things can be put right after power falls into the “right” hands but, on the contrary, it’s a sure thing that Humpty Dumpty just won’t go back together like before.

Too, leftists, in their obvious and undeniable pursuit of total power and the destruction of representative institutions, may think it clever to ally with their Muslim brothers to bring down the hated Western word and then discard those allies when their power grab succeeds. Well, good luck with that, as the Muslims no doubt have plans of their own for how the new dispensation with be run.

Regardless, utter chaos is in the cards, of which our living Constitution, Detroit, Chiraq, Baltimore, “sanctuary cities,” affirmative action, hate speech laws, the unpunished AntiFa monstrosity, and open borders are just a taste. And the Canadian Liberals, American Democrats, and all other Western traitors will reap what they sow, little do they understand the stakes involved. As a NASA IMAX film about the various space shuttle missions observed about the visible smoke from the burning of the rain forests, we don't really understand how or if this will affect the earth's atmosphere but we can say that we are engaged in a giant uncontrolled experiment.

The "destruction of the rain forests" alarums seem to have died down but the idea of an uncontrolled social experiment is a compelling one. What exactly about diversity politics and mass third-world immigration is controlled and how exactly do the arrogant, hostile elites think this exercise in civilizational suicide will end?

[1] "Thoughts on the Times." By Gerry T. Neal, Throne, Alter, Liberty, 1/31/18.

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