Monday, January 15, 2018

Quickies: Watch The Market...

     ...because markets encode information we might otherwise miss:

     “Transgender” sex robots could be a new and exotic way to spice things up in your bedroom.

     The Sun has learned that the Californian startup responsible for the female Harmony sex droid is now considering a trans version too.

     But a senior Realbotix director has told The Sun that a “transgender” model could be the company’s next big project....

     “We do believe there is a market not only for transgender, but for any other sexual preferences of gender,” said Guile Lindroth, who heads up AI at Realbotix.

     Lindroth said a trans robot is “not out of our plans” once the male robot is in production later this year.

     He also told The Sun that it’s “not difficult” to re-design the physical robot design for a mixed-sex version.

     I’ve received a fair number of doubting emails about the market for transgender sex partners. Yet there’s enough of a market for transgender sex dolls and robots to justify the development and “retooling” costs. Perhaps the doubters should take that into consideration.

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