Monday, January 15, 2018

Why Politicians Should Have GOOD Accountants

And, when I say "Good Accountants", I mean those with the backbone to tell their clients that, "No, you can't do that without risking your tax-exempt status."

Which, The Clinton Foundation apparently did not have.

Ridiculous situations such as many Progressive foundations have can only be sustained as long as the IRS is owned - body and such-soul-as-they-haven't-already-sold - by Progressive interests. Once those interests leave, and the people who are left behind are free to pursue obvious cases of fraud, well, the Progressive Institutions are in Deep Doo-Doo (to be less vulgar than most politicians, including HRC).

It's time to unleash the Dogs of Hell - er, that is, the normal beings that staff the IRS.

I don't know how American politics can solve the morality problem - the fact that too many don't ask "SHOULD I do that?", but rather "CAN I do that?"

It would be cheaper to just use the aggregated campaign money that is donated to the presidential campaign fund to pay for ads directly. However, since Obama skipped that whole setup, instead, choosing to bypass the fund to be able to grab in more cash, we really should dump it. It's an artifact that did not fulfill its promise.

The hits just keep coming, as the DJs used to say, back in the day.

It's beginning to look as though the Clinton/Obama/Progressive machine will FINALLY face their comeuppance. At least, that's what American Thinker is suggesting.

The Uranium One Russian bribery case.

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