Friday, November 9, 2018

This Needs to be Shared - as Widely as Possible

"So it looks like the Democrats are trying to steal elections in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia. Arizona is completely depressing, because that one never should have been close enough to steal. But that's another topic. My point is, why, in all of these close races with the Republican in the lead always seem to be won by the Democrat? They're always coming up with hitherto unknown boxes of boxes of ballots that are all marked for the Democrat. I have never heard 'oh look, here's a bunch of *GOP* ballots in this closet here that, pinky swear, have been here all this time.' Never, not once. I refuse to believe that the reason is because Republicans are more virtuous than Democrats. However, I do think it's because they're more naive. They would much rather pretend that the vote-counting process is not at all corrupt and then say 'oops, looks like we lost after all, oh well' rather than rushing a slick of lawyers down to Broward County and actually putting up a fight. Trump, though, they'll fight him. Because Russian collusion. Not Democrats, though. Democrats would *never* collude with corrupt election officials to steal an election."

From Ace of Spades. If it's not on your regular list of blogs to read,
Why the Hell NOT?


Unknown said...

Something happened to the contrast on the text. It's all but unreadable against the dark-grey background.

Francis W. Porretto said...

I fixed it, Unk.

Linda Fox said...

Thanks, Fran - I keep doing that, and forgetting it.