Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Are We Rats, Or Humans?

Rats are nasty little critters. They hide in the dark, poking out to attack under cover of darkness. If confronted, they scurry away.

Unless you corner one - a rat with no way to escape will fight like a motha'.

Humans are different. The best of them will walk in the light of day, taking on those who threaten them. Their weaker cousins will hide behind those people, adding mass, if not a lot of assistance, to any challenge.

But, generally, it doesn't take a last-ditch effort to get their fighting instincts going. They may not run to the front of the fight, but they will join in, if one of their pack is threatened.

Humans run in packs. The smallest one is the family - not the nuclear family, but the traditional extended one. At times, one or more members has to strike out for new territory, when opportunity arises, and resources are limited at the original location. That's what happened in the westward expansion of America.

When that happened, these lone families formed 'quasi-packs' - those that traveled together on the long trip. When they landed at their destination, they tended to cluster together, and form new tribal structures - sometimes with those who had bonded during the trip, others with those who shared some similarities of culture.

It all starts with the pack.

  • Neighborhoods
  • Parishioners, members of the same church
  • Those sharing the same political party
  • Those with the same ethnicity
  • Those who attended the same schools
  • Military
  • Lodge brothers
Modern Leftists forgot that. They truly expected Americans to just follow a strong leader, and do what they are told. It shocked the shit out of them when Americans started questioning the orders to stay home. Governors like Whitless were outraged when the peons revolted.

So, the more Normal State Governors have taken control. They are assessing their own state's situation, and deciding what restrictions to lift - if any - and when to act. And they are supported in that decision by the Packs of Men.


Immediate hysterical response from the Left
  • You will be responsible for millions of deaths!
  • You value money more than people's lives!
  • How DARE you!
  • That decision is based on no evidence (uh, I think that weeks of illness/fatality reports, along with results of testing, might be considered evidence)
  • Look, Look, Look! At the horrible outbreaks in those states! Generally, nursing homes - a special case of elderly people with many co-morbidity conditions. The answer is Quick Response teams to temporarily replace the staff, clean and sanitize the premises, test, and train those on the staff that remain. Also, the Very Curious Case of the Chinese-Owned Pork Processing Plants Infection Outbreaks - the title of that mystery says it all, doesn't it? Nancy Drew not needed to solve that.
  • If the Lockdown saves just ONE life, it's worth it. Which makes the Normals break into hysterical laughter, as it comes from those who believe No Fetus Left Unaborted is a GOOD Thing.
The COVID outbreak will likely NOT die out completely, whether or not a vaccine is found. Recent studies indicate that it is breaking up into different mutations. And, vaccines are not particularly effective against fast-mutating viruses. We all understand that flu vaccines are not always effective against the strain of that current season. We accept that, and the consequent illnesses/fatalities as a fact of life.

People die. Sometimes, way before the normal time. We can't stop every death by the rest of us refusing to live.

What will help, longterm?
  • Vaccines - encourage their use, same as flu or pneumonia vaccines already are. Don't require it for all, even for kids. It's a personal decision.
  • Antiviral studies - encourage their development, make sufficient available each season to treat those affected.
  • Good Home Nursing - families are the first line of defense. Encourage states to add this to their Health classes (and perhaps provide a grant to the Red Cross to develop a course for certification - online as well as offline?).
  • Switch to online work for those who can. More teleconferencing, replacing meetings. With more people at home, there will be more eyes in the neighborhood, which should reduce theft/breakins. Working from home makes scheduling deliveries and work of contractors easier.
  • Use of masks for sick/medically fragile people. Shifting to online coursework in outbreaks; changing the usual summer vacation schedules to have extended breaks in winter. Yes, it will affect the recreation industry, but perhaps couple with a 4-day week schedule the rest of the year? Families will have to get child care for that 5th day, but, perhaps offset by not needing after school care, with longer days on the rest of the week?
We don't need to completely crater our economy and society to get past this. But we do need to keep politicians and nannies from exploiting this for their own benefit.

Add your own ideas in comments.

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