Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Ruminations - April 26, 2020

I was checking out Cold Fury, when I found this post. Go ahead, read it - AND the post it links to. You won't be disappointed.

I believe that the inability to contemplate the end of one's existence - the sure knowledge that, yes, we ALL will die - is the underlying root of the Left's madness. Many of the crazier Baby Boomer women - having forgone their chance to have children - are now, near the end of their lives, faced with the reality of the period at the end of their life sentence. They have no descendants; those that do, often find that their children have little interest in making them grandparents. They've not reached those lofty career heights they expected to, in that long-ago time when they were young, and all was possible.

They are without spouse or other family. Their friends, likewise old, are dying off. Their entire world is crumbling.

Is it any wonder that they want the rest us to face a lonely, broke, isolated existence, one that matches their own?

We all will die, eventually. Every day that we wake is an opportunity to give thanks for another moment in the world. The aches and pains of old age are a sign that our deteriorating bodies are still functioning - mostly. Most of us try not to medicate too heavily, lest we lose what mental capabilities we retain.

For some of us, the elder years are full and rich. We have family and friends - however distant, we are connected. The luckier of us have sufficient income and financial stability to have choice about our living decisions.

The luckiest of us have hobbies and part-time work that engages us. It might bring in a small income. If it does not, it bring in a rich psychic income - a feeling of accomplishment and worthiness.

But, no matter how splendid or shabby your life, it will end. Religion is what allows us to have courage to face that reality. For those of us who believe, we will move to a better existence.

Now, go forth, and make this day a joyous one.

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