Thursday, April 16, 2020

Desperation R Us.

I believe the market is dead. It is being hit hard by the Powell Fed Bazooka at every negative news headline (jobs, housing, pmi, etc) to keep it from imploding. What Powell and the banks know is that the whole system, markets, institutions, currencies, government, millions of businesses are insolvent or are moribund. As this reality dawns on more people, fear eventually overpowers the Fed's most aggressive efforts. Everything is already dead. The central banks, Fed in particular, are keeping it on life support, frantically trying to maintain the illusion.[1]
The Fed's throwing millions billions trillions at To Whom It May Concern is pure desperation. Mr. Trump thinks a sky-high stock market is an indication of economic health. And there's always a buck or two that can be squeezed out of the yeomanry for foreign military adventure and welfare for illegal immigrants.

If I didn't know better I'd say the notion of coherent strategy in late-stage, Constitutionless America is absent without tidings. We're clueless about sovereignty, race, economics, law, the king's peace, family, education, and culture. The halls of government teem with poltroons, varlets, knaves, scofflaws, hysterics, grifters, liars, whores, parasites, grave robbers, and oxygen thieves.

Ain't nobody mindin' the store, way I sees it.

(Cue video of "Ghostbusters" subterranean river of slime.)

[1] Comment by VW Nerd on "Blain: Beware The Market 'Judder.'" By Bill Blain, ZeroHedge, 4/16/20.

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