Thursday, April 23, 2020

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In this survey, we demonstrated the researches and approaches of about 100 eminent scientists from around the world. In general, they agree that the current statistical data does not reflect the actual state of affairs, and the publicly distributed media estimates of the mortality rate are at least incorrect, and do not correspond to the actual picture.

The actual number of people with SARS-CoV-2 infection or people that already passed through COVID-19 early-stage or without symptoms is several dozen times higher than the public numbers show.

This is primarily due to the approaches and scope of testing. The public numbers have little to do with science. This is, to a greater extent, either media or politically motivated data. . . .

Accordingly, the real mortality rate from SARS-CoV-2 is 25-60 times less than the figures presented to us by MSM and a number of governments.

The number of people with SARS-CoV-2 virus, but without the COVID-19 disease or with a mild form of the disease, according to various estimates, ranges from 85% to 95%. This group, as a rule, does not fall into official statistics, as it is not tested, not hospitalized, and does not seek medical help.

The negative consequences for life and health of people from ill-conceived social measures can at times surpass the threat posed by SARS-CoV-2. . . .

Countries, whose leadership works closely with scientists, consistently and quickly responds to changes in the situation and the emergence of new data, will receive a huge advantage in the post-COVID-19 world.

The current actions of politicians in a number of countries are difficult to explain with anything other than incompetence or deliberate actions to achieve their personal/clan political ambitions or promote interests of external actors.[1]

And some thoughts:

Now far be it for me to cast dispersions on the current "Who shot John?" mania which has China squarely in the cross hairs for all our hate. Maybe the Chinese are a bunch of rotten yellow motherhumpers. Still, I got to axe what exactly are "we" going to do if "we" make the case that they're somehow responsible? Right NOW? What? Exactly? Sink their aircraft carrier? And how exactly is Missouri going to collect any judgment that it might . . . emphasis on might . . . collect against China?

And just how crystal clear is this "case" against China going to be? There are rumblings that the intelligence agencies had some indications of a developing epidemic before the first cases were reported in Wuhan. Maybe, maybe not, but I'm not confident in the assessment powers or the medical establishment or of the, um, national command authority, to put it mildly. Trump had two carrier battle groups steaming to Korea early on over something or other. Seriously. I voted for that? Calling that naval whatever "rash" is an understatement, and his firing 100 cruise missiles at Syria after the supposed sarin gas attack on Khan Sheikhoun was no better. He had NO solid intel on Syria's culpability, let alone legal justification for his outrageous attack. The "assessment" he relied on for the attack on Syria was a joke. Period. This is not the man I want making major decisions about the culpability of other nations.

And it's not just Trump. The stuff that bothers me most about China isn't that they made monkeys out of us on intellectual property theft, and currency manipulation; shipped AK-47s to our most vibrant domestic communities; and flooded our country with spies. No, what bothers me most is the treason, greed, stupidity, passivity, and cowardice of our own political class in facilitating the resulting economic and security disaster that resulted from off-shoring tens of thousands of our factories to that very country and putting up with it's ********. But, suddenly, those cowards and sellouts want to get tough with China?

So what the world should be focusing on now is not its experience with the Spanish Flu but what took place immediately before it, namely, the unbelievable carnage of the Great War, quote unquote. Not to mention the death toll from Belshevism in all its forms since 1917. The current putative death toll from this virus is at 181,235 which pales in comparison just with the 500K+ death toll (and unbelievable destruction) in Syria for which we are directly responsible as the principal actor in the execrable Operation Inherent Resolve. Add to that tally the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen and then ask yourself whence cometh this nice concern for 181K+ deaths (never mind the destruction)? I'm a devotee of the "let no sparrow fall" approach to domestic and foreign affairs, don't get me wrong. I'll tsk tsk and wring my hands with the best of the saints and savants. But still, the truth of the matter is that those 181K+ COVID-19 deaths are the result of an act of God and the million plus deaths as a result of war and boycott are not.

We need to ask ourselves what we are about. It's time for us to lay aside national decision-making by bogus "assessments," sound bites, and national press conferences. We need something more than "Did you see? Did you hear?" as a driver of national understanding. Mr. Trump is not a strategic or deep thinker as witness his celebration of the formerly soaring stock market, his cooperation in the last act of fiscal diarrhea, his recent anger at the Fed's not driving interest rates down to the deck, his passivity in the face of the Fed's monetary panic, and his failure to provide a rational cost-benefit analysis of the isolation/shutdown approach versus economic disaster. We're in full panic/drift mode.

Vladimir Putin took a stab at urging the world to step back and restore some vitality to the post-war international order and Mikhail Gorbachev similarly recently urged the use of the United Nations to discuss a different approach to ordering world affairs. We need to do that, even if Mr. Gorbachev is likely to urge a globalist position. Think Davos without the billionaires and ****-you secrecy for the peasants whose fate will be discussed by the $ainted Ones. The U.S. is clearly acting like a nation besotted with "exceptionalism" will and the federal behemoth presides over the ongoing and inevitable corruption of the Constitution and representative institutions. It's an obvious plutocracy on top of

  • crony capitalism;
  • useless financial manipulation and asset stripping;
  • suffocating and distorting monopoly;
  • tech giant toads who think they know what it's appropriate for you to say or read;
  • a culture of vengeance, destruction, and violence;
  • rampant vote fraud;
  • resentful, parastic minorities; and
  • an ongoing importation of millions upon millions of foreigners to viciously and intentionally destroy any semblance of the American nation.
Europe is similarly besotted with mass immigration, the destruction of nationalism, the creation of the total state, and a full-blown attack on free speech for native Europeans. The British police are one big pulsating manifestation of a deadly autoimmune disease.

Forget SARS-CoV-2.

Call me crazy but my thought here is that one of the political ambitions mentioned in the quoted passage above is the one that doesn't WANT for there to be an examination of the state of play. This is WHY we see the massive assault on free speech. There MUST be ZERO honest debate about any of this. The gargantuan waste, distortion, and dishonesty that is everywhere MUST NOT BE DISCUSSED.

Trump's impulsiveness and shallowness, his molasses-like disengagement from ruinous foreign war, the recent and ongoing Marx Brothers performance in the Democrat primaries, abortion mania, rampant sexual confusion, academic corruption, and feminist depravity are symptoms of a nation that's lost its way. And the rest of the Western world's obsession with globalism, anti-nationalism, mass immigration, multiculturalism, and "climate change" (so help me) illustrate the same advanced state of decay.

WWII was a catalyst for creative thinking about the post-war order. Now is the time to recognize that we're at the end of a similar period of gigantic intellectual, moral, political, and ecnomic failure. We can wake up NOW and use this as an opportunity to re-assess Western civilization and a world changed by amazing technology, or we can drift further into the swamp. And let me suggest the theme for any convocation of world luminaries -- "Devolution, 21st Century."

There's a lot more going on than having to deal with an epidemic that is, in the scheme of things, not that bad.

[1] "SARS-CoV-2 Mortality Is Distorted." By SouthFront, 4/19/20 (emphasis added).

H/t: ZeroHedge.



"And the rest of the Western world's obsession with globalism, anti-nationalism, mass immigration, multiculturalism, and "climate change" (so help me) illustrate the same advanced state of decay."

Bill Whittle did an excellent speech in which he talked about the "worry gene" and how it has a survival advantage. But when society gets to the point where there's so little to worry about, that gene will FIND things to worry about.

Col. B. Bunny said...

His observation reminds me of the jokes about first-world problems. Running out of Icelandic butter at the store, climate change.