Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Home Nursing a COVID-19 Patient - Please Read and Share

I've been promoting the value of good home nursing. As a kid, I caught EVERYTHING that came around. I missed my first 7 birthday parties, because, if it was spring, I'd managed to catch something that kept me in bed and away from others.

My mother was a trooper - she single-handedly took care of me in these many crises, and did whatever was needed, including reading to me, playing cards or Snakes & Ladders, if I was able, and brought me endless liquids. She never took offense at my crabbiness (I was more than a little cranky to be sick AGAIN!).

I have to confess I wasn't even 1/10 as good as she had been, with my own kids. Fortunately, my husband actually studied nursing, and has a good disposition for the job.

I suggest you read this account of what it's like to nurse a really sick C-19 patient. In addition to the story of her husband's illness, she includes many helpful suggestions for managing the task, and some excellent suggestions for things to include in a Home Nursing Box.

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