Sunday, April 19, 2020

Protection? Or Blatant Power Grab?

Oh, come on! It's not that hard a question!

Of course many of the over the top restrictions on citizen movement are tied to state or local officials not understanding the nature of citizenry - that we, who live in America, are a Free and Sovereign People.

In short, other than a few specifically written cases,
You're not the boss of me!
The pushback is just starting. Expect it to grow by November - the Unwashed Rabble do have long memories.

Some of the Nanny-Statism is related to the erroneous idea that the Entitled Elite (trademark pending) know how to run our lives better than we do. Therefore, we need to be FORBIDDEN TO PURCHASE (with our OWN money!):

  • Gardening supplies, including seeds - at a time of the year that, for many regions, is our only opportunity to put in a garden. For those reading this who are Elited of the Educated Classes, no, planting and growing are not year-round things. Yes, I know that you were able to purchase veggies and fruits last winter. They were imported from the Southern Hemisphere, where the population was experiencing summer. You know, those concepts you SHOULD have learned in actual science classes, rather than Activist Science classes.
  • Alcohol - yes, we might want to drink our isolation away. No, alcohol is not uniquely worse for you than pot - which has their dispensaries open for business without any concern.
  • Non-food items in the rest of the store - clothing, underwear, games, batteries, home improvement supplies, guns - all have been taped off from access by the Unknown Powers that Be.
We also need to be ruthlessly hectored about gathering together, EVEN ONLINE, if the gathering is a Christian one. Christians driving in their own cars to a gathering place, where they hear a service pitied in over radio, and NO ONE LEAVES THEIR CARS. Cops were dispatched to disperse the gathering, and fined (in some cases threatening to jail) those that protested their 1st Amendment right to worship as they saw fit.

Amazingly, the Expensive and Produced in CHINA drug has been fast-tracked, while the various Trump-Drug treatments have been disparaged as "Voodoo Medicine". Funny how that works. Both treatments, once touted as miracle drugs, have had mixed results. But, somehow, only the inexpensive, and long-studied Hydroxlchloroquine has received condemnation as a failure.

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