Thursday, April 30, 2020

Products That are NOT Made in China

Someone with the tech knowledge needs to make an app that allows you to type in a description of a product, and will pop up those NOT made in China. I know many people - myself included - would gladly pay for such an easy way to filter our shopping to weed out the Bad Actors.

In the meantime, if you - like me - are looking for a new smartphone, here's some possibilities.

If anyone knows of a non-Apple alternative laptop battery (MacBook 11"), put it into the comments. Mine is on life support - and, because of the shopping in person restrictions, I can't get an appointment to have it done at the store.

Some of those products have financing sold through our stock market - and, many of them are heavily tied to pension investing. This has to stop ASAP - divest from China, and re-direct the funds to American companies.

Not just American Companies in Name Only (ACNO) - that would be Smithfield, for one, a meat packer that is controlled by China. And, HAPPENSTANTIALLY, closed down several pork processing plants recently, citing C-19 infection.

This, of course, would have NOTHING to do with the fact that China is trying to re-build their pork export industry after it had to kill off many pigs, in the wake of an animal infection of African Swine Flu.

Yeah. Just an amazing coincidence.



A former employer started several factories in China and then closed the last US based one. When I asked what they would do if China nationalized / seized their facilities, I was told "Oh, we'd take them to court".

Really? REALLY?

Brian E. said...

To court? TO COURT?!?

In what jurisdiction, pray tell?

This amount of naivety astounds...

Malatrope said...

Hmm. I just made that app suggestion on another site this morning. Are we reading the same blogs? ;-)

It's an obvious thing. I wonder why it hasn't been done.

Cedar said...

If that Asus RoG phone is no better made than their laptops, best to avoid it. I spent an awful lot of money on a laptop with a wonky sound card.