Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Foreign Ownership of American Media

I'm against it. I thought I remembered (grammar/spelling corrected) an FCC rule that prohibited foreign citizens/companies owning American Media, so after reading this article about the Las Vegas Public Radio, I checked on it.

It turns out that the FCC dumped the rule of no more than 25% foreign ownership of radio/tv in 2017.

Now, why is that such a big deal?

Well, it's a matter of leveling the playing field. Other countries DO have those rules against foreign ownership still. We should do the same, otherwise we open up our country to undue foreign influence in the media, as radio and television have restricted bandwidth. We've seen recently how China has manipulated gullible/cooperating media to spew their propaganda without any attempt check their statements, or to provide dissenting points of view.

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glasslass said...

Many years ago I worked for an attorney who specialized in real estate. Illinois is an abstract state and as such had many rules regarding the purchase of land, especially dark, rich farmland. One law dealt with foreign ownership of a farm. If a farm was purchased by a non-citizen the non-citizen was required by law to become an American citizen within 7 years of purchase date. If they failed to comply with this order then the state of Illinois was allowed to take the entire parcel and put it back into the states coffers and they were not required to compensate the foreign owner. More of too bad, so sad, no money for you. I don't know if the law was ever enforced but just one oddity on the books. Never know when it will become necessary.