Sunday, April 19, 2020

Quickies: The Tactics Of A Disloyal Opposition

     How does this sound as the schematic for a “transfer of power” to a government opposed to the current one?

     The existing government is aware that it will be replaced in a short time. While it hopes for a continuation of its party’s hegemony, it fears an electoral reversal that will reverse its policies and prove them to have been detrimental to the nation. How can its loyalists, once out of power, most effectively oppose a new government formed by the other party?

     The approach that strikes me as most effective is this: whatever problem the new government addresses as highest priority, criticize the choice as mistaken. Assert loudly and repeatedly that other problems are far more important. Disavow any responsibility for having brought those problems about. Snipe at whatever the new government does as founded on venal motives, whether personal or political. These tactics require only that the new government face a range of problems that contend with one another in importance. If the media are heavy with persons loyal to the government being replaced, they can be painfully effective.

     Isn’t this exactly what the Democrats and their media handmaidens have done to oppose the Trump Administration? As the Obama Administration left the U.S. with a wide range of problems, most of them brought about by the Obamunists’ policies, doesn’t it fit the character of the Democrat Party and its obsession with unchecked and uninterrupted power?

     Just a little more food for thought for your Divine Mercy Sunday.


Linda Fox said...

Right now, I'm feeling like America can use some Divine Mercy.


The problem, as I've said ad nauseum, is that they believe themselves to be better, more noble... finer clay, if you will... than the common man.

They are dead set on creating the great Socialist Utopia, a world they TRULY BELIEVE will end poverty, hunger, war, crime, etc. And given that they TRULY BELIEVE this will be the result of Socialism despite it's multiple failures built on untold millions of dead bodies... anyone trying to stop them is seen as evil.

I'm having a great conversation via email with the author of a series on why the Left is a cult. One thing is that there is a difference between OBJECTIVE reality and SOCIAL reality.

The former requires testing against things that can be measured. The latter only requires that it be true to "my truth" standards.

Linda Fox said...

Leftist Face, meet Rude Reality. Some people only learn if the lesson starts with a punch in the face.