Thursday, April 9, 2020

So, Why Isn't the Act Known As a "Clinton"?

Linda Tripp has died of pancreatic cancer. That's an incredibly aggressive cancer, that usually takes its sufferers within a few months.

Linda Tripp, for the younger crowd, is best known for her role in unmasking the BJ Clinton - Monica Lewinsky sexual interactions. The most infamous act of the President was his getting what became known as a Lew*****.

I don't put the full name, because I believe that a younger person, who did not seek the notoriety nor the attention of the public, is less responsible, and should not have had her name turned into a dirty joke.

I mean - come ON! The very initials of Bill Jefferson Clinton - BJ - should have become the dirty joke. Instead, he skated on his sexual abuse of a young woman. She took the lifelong hit to her reputation.

She seems to still be a rather sweet kid, even in middle age. I think she would have normally married and had a family; instead, the Left's sneers, rude cold-shouldering, and refusal to let her gracefully sink from shame into a more-or-less normal life was the outcome.

Her essential decency is shown by her classy response to reports of Tripp's illness.

And, that shaming was primarily NOT from the Right. It was the Left that couldn't forgive her for telling the truth. For allowing BJ's infidelities, lies, and general poor character to be unearthed. She tried to make a go of several businesses. Got a Master's degree, and tried to find work and romance. She failed at outrunning her past.

Think of it. The publishing industry should have been all over her, elbowing others aside, in their eager rush to publish her story - "as told to" the Girl in the White House.

Instead, she got a measly half a million for a series of interviews that were turned into a book - Monica's Story, in 1999. In contrast, HRC's book, Living History, collected an $8 million advance. Other books - even through many could be found in the drastically slashed price book bin within a short time - collected even more cash.

Monica barely made enough to pay for her whopping legal bills. HRC raked in the cash.

And, Linda Tripp?

Although she lot her government career, she was able to rebuild her life, marrying and living in relative privacy.

Most recently, her role in uncovering the truth about the liaison looks different, in the light of #MeToo. Monica eventually forgave her for her part in the scandal. Which says nice things about Monica, and can be favorably contrasted with the smarmy hatred that HRC still bears them both.

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Col. B. Bunny said...

A similarly classy tribute to Monica.

The Clinton WH was a den of vipers. In those days I waited by the mailbox each month for my copy of The American Spectator which did a great job in trying to pull on every string in that Gordian knot. It became clear that the ability of the FBI to cover up an intergalactic scandal, and its willingness to do so, knew no bounds. Fast forward to Whitney Webb's recent article in which she makes the diseased nature of the FBI crystal clear.

The governing class of this country floats like a layer of scum on a pond. Elections merely change the centerpiece on the banquet table. Sorry about the mixed metaphor. Clinton sold out for Chinese money to get elected and Hillary has round heels for every importuning foreigner with a 3"X16"-sized check book. The Dems fielded a veritable platoon of certifiable morons and clowns and here we are with a presumptive nominee who is clearly well advanced on the road to dementia. Plus, we have an economy that's tenuous at best, even before The Great Virus Scare of 2020, thanks to the elites treating it like their own personal playpen with millions of odd two-legged animals looking in at the windows.

Reagan did not work in the Oval Office without a coat and tie and BJ used it as just another variant of the back seats he used to cavort in back in Little Rock with the troopers standing guard.

My money is on satanic possession as the best way to understand America and the world today. The small people are ruined and the elites chow down.