Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I Try Not To Write Solely To Express Outrage

     Really! Yet there are occasions on which the outrage wins free:

     Fans of “Fixer Upper” no doubt have heard that stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have announced they’re having a fifth child.

     In case you don’t watch the show – I don’t; there isn’t enough bloodshed – the couple at issue, Chip and Joanna Gaines, have also been assailed for their Christianity. But let's get back to the story. A “feminist” has decided to upbraid them for their procreative ways:

     Procreation is becoming a global public health concern, rather than a personal decision. So when people do irresponsible things like having five children, we absolutely need to be calling them out.”

     While having a child or five is a very personal choice, it’s also a choice that affects everyone who inhabits our planet. So while many people might find the backlash unwarranted, it’s actually a conversation we need to have in order to challenge our uncritical acceptance of the life-fulfillment-through-procreation story.

     The “feminist’s” name is given as Kristen Pyszczyk.

     This...person is apparently unaware that the entire First World is disappearing due to the failure to procreate. Of all the nations of the West, only the United States still produces children at approximately replacement rate: 2.07 per couple. Not one other predominantly-white nation – yes, I do think “predominantly white” is an important qualifier – is replacing its dying citizens.

     The shithole countries, which category includes:

  • All of Africa;
  • Most of Asia;
  • Most of South America;
  • And a few spots in Europe;

     ...are reproducing far faster than replacement rate. Only someone who hates the First World – above all, the United States of America – would deem that a development to be applauded.

     So here is my advice to Kristen Pyszczyk:

     I was having a good day before I read that offal. I need more Harvey’s right away.


scttmtclf said...

Your advice to Ms. (is that still the correct salutation to be employed for feminists of unknown marital (snicker!) status?) Pyszczyk actually made me spit water from my mouth. Her name reminds me of an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, The Final Sacrifice, where, referring to one of actor's last name, they exclaim, "That's an illegal use of a silent consonant!"

MrGarabaldi said...


I don't know what it is with these feminist but they hate western civilization, and the funny or the sad part is that being in a western based civilization is what gives them their protection and their status and their hatred for the same system will lead them to their own destruction. The other places in the world don't prize feminism, don't prize individualism. They forget that the other places only value who your tribe is, who your family is, who your ethnic group is or who your gender is. The feminism hatred for the west is their seed of destruction.

Linda Fox said...

Consider this just a rant from a dried-up, childless woman. I check Kristen Pyszczyk out - she describes herself as a "cat mother", among other things.

Try to be charitable - many of these women are furious at the way they were snookered by the early feminists:
- told not to worry about marriage or children, but to focus on their career
- after years of work, still aren't at the top of their field
- the leftover men that are available often have personality defects or emotional issues, but, as they are a rare resource, they get away with truly vile behaviors
- settles for a man later in life, but finds it difficult, if not impossible, to have a child without major medical intervention and LOTS of money
- cannot afford more than one, so justifies her situation by proclaiming that NO ONE should have more

It's sad. It could have been me, but for the fact that pregnancy occurred early in my marriage, and we took on the adventure of a lifetime. I have friends who weren't as fortunate, and who face retirement without husband, children, or the wonderful connections that arise from that state, such as in-laws.

Joseph said...

I'm reminded of the Onion headline "Clinton to deploy vowels to Bosnia."