Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Little Naughty Fun

SCHADENFREUDE: German for “shameful joy:” what the small of soul feel at the misfortune of another.

     If you write, and if you’ve ever steamed over the greater success of the works of an incontestably undeserving competitor, perhaps you’ll enjoy the following.

     I don’t know the source of the music; it was sent to me by a friend, titled “Hymn” and nothing else. The poem is by Australian poet Clive James. The voice, of course, is mine.

     (Hey, it’s snowing heavily and I was bored. So sue me!)

     (03/22/2018: Updated to rebalance the two sound tracks. -- FWP)

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Anderson said...

James Michener once shared a story of an author who had most of a 5,000 book printing remaindered. He later saw them being sold, not as a "book" but as a "hiding place for valuables". Some crafty entrepreneur got his hands on them, hollowed them out with a cutting tool, and made money off this poor guy's failed book! That's cruel.