Saturday, March 3, 2018

Quickies: Politics, Personal Fortunes, And The Deep State

     It’s been the pattern since LBJ at least that a man can enter federal office living paycheck to paycheck and a few years later he’ll be wealthy. Recent cases are legion. They’re responsible for a large fraction of the cynicism Americans feel about government, politics, and the political class.

     Clearly, the old saw that “Caesar’s wife must be above even the hint of scandal” is no longer applied to federal politicians or their kin. The FBI, which is the principal anti-corruption arm of the Justice Department, has not investigated the huge fortunes made by politicians in quite some time...but that might be changing:

     The Deep State has many arrows in its quiver, but among those proven most effective, attacking a target’s relatives is its favorite. That’s how it got Michael Milken to confess to six felonies he never committed, in the process accepting ten years’ imprisonment, a $650 million fine, and barring him from the equities market for life. Jared and Ivanka being the most visible and popular of the Trump progeny, the Deep State might regard them as excellent targets of opportunity, “low hanging fruit.”

     The Trump Organization is now being operated by Trump’s children and their spouses. Does it strike anyone as unlikely that they would continue to wheel and deal, now that Donald Senior is occupied with other duties? Does it strike anyone as somehow seedy that successful fashion mogul Ivanka Trump should continue to extend her lines and their popularity?

     Might it be possible to raise a row about this? Given that no FBI agent has even peeked at Nancy Pelosi’s huge fortune, or the wealth amassed by Harry Reid? Or would that be entirely too unseemly for the “conservative media” and its NeverTrumper barons and baronets?

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Groman said...

The shadow government will stop at nothing to besmirch and destroy Mr. Trump and his family. Remember, the ends justifies the means. My opinion is that the FBI and CIA are rife with SJWs, it's not just a few bad apples at the top. Who has been appointing people to lead these organizations since at least Bill Clinton's two administrations? Who has Schmuck Schumer allowed to be appointed? Who have these appointees brought in to man both organizations. The fish rots from the head. Jeff Sessions seems to be more focused on continuing the failed drug policies of the eighties, including the unconstitutional seizure of personal property under the civil forfeiture laws, rather than in diggin into the morass of corruption that exists. With a mainstream media that is doing its best to hide any hint of scandal related to the Democrat party while continuing to smear Trump I don't see the American people waking up and realizing the level of corruption that exists in DC. The mainstream media whipped up the anti-Nixon fervor which brought about his resignation. Without the majority of Americans getting behind the effort to clean out the cesspit that is DC, I doubt anything of significance will change beyond a few low level staffers going to jail. I hope I'm wrong but after building up Obama and Hillary for so long, the media cannot go back now and admit the truth. They are both venal and corrupt frauds who at the very least deserve a long stretch at Levenworth, if not hanging for treason.